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Thanksgiving Day morning watch 11-27-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

I steeped out from Seneca Towers this morning into a winter wonderland of fresh snow that covered everything. The temperature was 28 (F) -2 (C) degrees with light snow falling and virtually no wind making for a quiet and peaceful scene

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I left Seneca Towers without seeing any falcons this morning but I was fortunate enough to find both Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) downtown. My first sighting was from Woodbury Blvd. where I spotted Beauty up on one of the southeast corners of Bausch & Lomb (B&L). I drove over to Clinton Ave. parking out in front of the Frontier building to confirm it was her.


She turned her back on me so I went over to Broad St. between Midtown and Xerox where I could see that she was eating breakfast. As I pulled over I noticed DC flying above B&L then he vanished to the northwest behind Clinton Square.

img_0005-beauty5 img_0011-beauty2 img_0014-beauty img_0015-beautyful

Around 7:45am Beauty stopped eating and a couple minutes later flew off as DC came streaking in. She went northwest and he circled B&L 3 times then went southwest behind the buildings. I left to check around from the Broad St. Bridge and that’s where I re-established  a view of Beauty on a southwest corner of B&L. I went to Court St. by the Court St. garage for closer viewing and spotted DC was at the opposite end from the Beautyful one on a southeast corner.

img_0030-beauty img_0025-bdc1 img_0022-dc1

A few minutes later Beauty flew east followed by DC-I lost sight of them behind Xerox at this time. They returned shortly after to B&L, both landing on the same southwest corner Beauty had been on previously. Beauty landed first with DC landing to the right of her then walking back behind out of view momentarily and showing up to the left of Beauty. She had gotten her leftovers while she was gone and he wanted some.

img_0035-beauty1 img_0038-dc-on-the-hunt-for-beautys-leftovers

When it was apparent that Beauty wasn’t going to share, DC flew back to the southeast corner he had left before and then he flew up to the northwest corner of Xerox to watch Beauty as she finished eating her leftovers.


While I was taping DC a small bird flew right below him at which time DC flew off  Xerox, circled above Beauty then went back to Xerox. Beauty finished up her leftovers and perched on her corner to watch DC.

img_0045-dc-takes-off img_0046-dc1 img_0047-dc1

At 8:17am DC stooped off Xerox out of view then resurfaced to land on Archer’s corner-named after Beauty’s first mate Archer who spent about a week on this corner with 2 injured legs. This is one of the southwest corners of B&L-each corner of B&L has several corners. DC had caught his own Thanksgiving Day meal and started plucking feathers right away.

img_0053-dc-off-to-catch-his-breakfast img_0054-dc img_0061-dc-on-archers-corner-with-prey img_0064-dc

A couple bonus pics from after I ended my watch at 8:30am-snow on trees in Highland Park and a Red-tail Hawk in Mt. Hope cemetery

img_0067-highland-park img_0070-red-tail-hawk-in-mt-hope-cemetery

I  left  happy with a smile knowing our downtown pair of Rochester Peregrine Falcons had eaten and were safe and sound-a blessing I was very thankful for on a peaceful Thanksgiving Day morning! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Day morning watch 11-27-14”

  1. tapper gal Says:

    Happy day after Thanksgiving.

    Again,I am saying thank you for the beautiful pictures of yesterday.It brought back many happy memories of my years living in the city and working near the Highland park,spent many days roaming.
    I am happy that B and DC spent time together and evident they are close to each other and in their way,”thankful” as well.Diane

  2. MAK Says:

    Happy to be able to bring memories of the area to you Diane. I guess happy is the theme in your comment-Happy day after Thanksgiving to you! 🙂

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