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Morning watch 12-28-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The temperature dropped a few degrees while I was on watch starting at 39 (F) 4 (C) with dark overcast conditions

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Billie and 99 weren’t at Seneca Towers (ST) when I started my watch today-that’s because they were at the Kodak Hawkeye plant down St. Paul St. from ST. As I was on my way to downtown I spotted them on the railing near where the nest box is up there. I pulled into a parking lot across from them.


After a few minutes 99 flew off heading east then to the south end of Hawkeye then back to railing to land on the other side of Buffalo Billie.

img_0013-billie-and-99 img_0016-billie-and-99

99 flew off a couple minutes later followed by Billie heading north-probably going to Seneca Towers which is that direction.



I left for downtown and found Dot.ca (DC) right away on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR from the hole parking lot.


A minute later DC started chirping loudly as Beauty came flying in-he took off after her and went up to the north ledge of the elevator shaft-Beauty flew east out of view. I drove to the Radisson Hotel y Main St. to confirm who flew up in the elevator shaft.

img_0030-dc1 img_0036-dc-in-his-man-cave

Beauty came by and DC flew out after her heading east then they went over by the Wilder building where one of them stooped over by Times Square. DC ended up under the northeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB) and soon after Beauty appeared on the Mercury money bag (MMB). So it was back to the hole parking lot for me.

img_0044-dc1 img_0046-dc

img_0049-beauty1 img_0052-beauty img_0053-beauty

Right around 8:45am I heard a gun fire, then a minute or so later another one-luckily I had Beauty and DC in my sights and knew they weren’t being shot at, matter of fact they didn’t seem bothered by it at all. They flew off when I wasn’t paying attention. DC ended up on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR briefly, then he stooped to the south. Next I found him under the northeast wing of Times Square-I saw feathers flying and thought he had food but I was wrong for when I went up to the Broad St. bridge I saw Beauty at the back of the ledge with food.

img_0055-dc1 img_0065-dc img_0068-bdc

DC had made an attempt to take her food once before I got to the bridge and again after.

img_0070-beauty img_0071-im-lookinat-you img_0074-bdc

Finally on DC’s 3rd attempt to grab food (I have it on video) from Beauty, she flew off with it and he was right on her tail going up Broad St. and out of sight. About 10 minutes later I spotted Beauty on the northeast corner of Widows Walk eating. I drove to Fitzhugh St. for the best view of her.

img_0078-beauty-eating-on-widows-walk img_0083-beauty

DC came flying thru around 9:39am alarm calling as he passed above Beauty then he came back and landed above her on the railing.

img_0085-dc-lands-above-beauty img_0087-bdc

10 minutes later DC flew off and landed next to Beauty to try and snag that food, but she thwarted his attempt by turning her back to him. I had to come around to the parking lot by Times Square to see them. At about 10 am DC made his move (on video) to get his hot little talons on that food-he failed as Beauty flew off with it and him right behind her. They flew along the north face of TSB to the east with much vocalization and out of view.

img_0095-dc-moves-in img_0099-bdc

I drove over to the BSB and spotted DC on the green part of the base of Mercury briefly, then he flew off to join Beauty who was under the northeast wing of TSB.

img_0103-dc img_0104-dc-on-base-of-mercury

By the time I made the u-turn they were both gone so I ended my watch at around 10:15am. What a good time I had following Beauty and DC today and the fact that I saw Billie and 99 too put a great big smile on my face! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Morning watch 12-28-14”

  1. kathy from toronto Says:

    Wonderful to see Billie and 99 hanging out by the nest box! I see more juvies in Rochester’s future =)

  2. Patricia Rose Says:

    Yes, it is really great to see Billie & 99 at the Hawkeye NB! Gun shots! O my! Nothing like gunshots on a quiet Sunday morning! hahaha! Great pics today, MAK! 😀

  3. MAK Says:

    I’m thinking the same thing Kathy! 😉

  4. MAK Says:

    Yeah right Patricia Rose-early Sunday morning is not a time I would expect to hear gunfire. 🙂

  5. Alison Says:

    I would much prefer Billie and 99 at Hawkeye than at Seneca Towers where folks might object or on some insecure bridge ….

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