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Falcon Watch – Wednesday – 7/22/09 – Archer on the Kodak Tower

From Rochester Falcon Watch Carol P:

Noon – Watchers Lisa McK, Larry O, Dan S, Kristen, her son Nico, and Carol P. One Falcon on the communication tower below the platform. Juvenile Red-tail Hawk in a tree in the gorge and 2 adult RTH’s soaring above.

6:30 – 8:30 pm – Watchers Kathy O, Joyce and Carol P. Falcon on the Kodak Tower, launch pad, NW corner. We believe it was Archer. He walked around to the SE corner and we followed (by car ;-). Now parked on the east side of the Kodak Tower, we had a good view of him. He was being harassed by a Robin way up there. Brave little guy. The Robin I mean. 🙂

I looked down for a moment and when I looked back up, Archer was gone.  Joyce did see him leave. He stooped into the gorge, heading north east. We waited to see if he would return, but he didn’t and it was time to head home.

No sign of Beauty or Mariah.

Carol P.

19 Responses to “Falcon Watch – Wednesday – 7/22/09 – Archer on the Kodak Tower”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    So, there still has been no confirmed sighting of Mariah since that air battle the other day, correct? If so, any ideas on what this may mean, i.e., injured again or staying away from the area? I know it’s hard to speculate.

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    Meant to say too thank you for the update! 🙂

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Well, it would seem the truce is over and the rout is complete.
    On the other hand, the two ladies may just be off on seasonal wanderings and return to fight another day.
    I just spent some time on the Falconcam Archive. The main camera seems to be out and in the last 25 hours no falcon could be seen entering the nestbox on the Times Square Building.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    7/23 – Noon Hour Watch – Two Falcons on the old Changing Scenes Restaurant, north side. Cormorant in the River below pedestrian bridge. Wild Turkey on the grass. Lots of Canada Geese and Ducks. Osprey flying low over the river on the south side of OCSR, unseen by Falcons.

  5. Beth Says:

    Isnt anyone concerned that they havent seen Mariah since the other day when she apparently had to battled both Archer & Beauty? Or have they seen her and I missed the post? From what I have read it sounds like A&B have taken over Mariah’s territory (the Kodak Tower and Gorge). I hope I am wrong.

  6. Kathy Villone Says:

    Yes Maureen, I believe Mariah has been sighted several times around the Kodak bldg.

  7. Maureen in MA Says:

    Good to hear. Thank you!

  8. Carol P. Says:

    7/24 – Noon Hour Report – Two Falcons on the north side of old Changing Scenes Restaurant. Red-tail Hawk flying around the gorge. Deer crossed the river.

  9. Joyce Says:

    Here’s my take Maureen – With Beauty and Archer pushing the envelope with Mariah, I don’t think she is frequenting airspace around Kodak Tower or the gorge as much. I am speculating…but if I were a falcon, I would move more north because that is where I would be more likely to find a wandering falcon for a mate, especially as fall approaches. The migrating path of birds is closer to the lake. It is hard to claim territory when it is two against one. Rochester is Mariah’s home, but she has to do something to find a mate. Being in the immediate presence of the other two, won’t do it.

  10. chrissy Says:

    Beauty has been doing bonding rituals with Archer daily and that may be keeping those hormone levels up. Mariah has been taking it easy. She may just not be interested in a battle with Beauty, who Carol has described as very juvie-like. She (Beauty) sounds a little like Henery Hawk to me http://tiny.cc/SRJ5U. 😉

  11. Maureen in MA Says:

    @Joyce- I appreciate your speculation. It makes sense what you say. Hopefully Mariah will find a mate so that she can comeback in the Spring and reclaim her territory. Thank you for your feedback!

  12. kathy Says:

    I agree with joyce. It’s obvious that A&B consider the KT and gorge part of their territory and have now claimed it all given their recent behaviour towards Mariah. I expect she will find a new territory nearby where she is safe from harassement and perhaps where as Joyce says, she can attract a new mate.

  13. Carol Says:

    @Beth – Of course we’re concerned. The Watchers have been searching for Mariah, but have had no luck finding her. We can only assume that she has moved away from her territory for the time being. There’s no way of knowing where she is. We have no reason to believe that she has been injured. We’ll definitely continue to watch Archer and Beauty and to search for Mariah.

  14. Beth Says:

    Carol – Thanks for your reply. Those of us who are so far away depend so much on you watchers thru your reports. I guess I didnt realize how much time is spent watching the area that is covered. We only hope and pray that Mariah can live a safe life no matter where she is. I wish A&B would go away and Mariah could return home. Nature can be sad. In any case, from an online watcher, many thanks to all you dedicated in the field watchers for your dedication and reports. We really do appreciate you all.

  15. Vicki in IL Says:

    I can only say “ditto” to what Beth said…being so far away, we count on you and appreciate everything you do to keep us informed. We KNOW how much you love and enjoy Mariah – and Archer and Beauty. It’s hard for some of us to embrace the new pair, but we know that’s how nature works. We have to be patient and let things unfold. God grant us patience and we want it NOW!

  16. Carol P. Says:

    You’re all very welcome. Being a Falcon Watcher is definitely a labor of love for these beautiful creatures. 🙂

    LOL Vicki!

  17. Carol P. Says:

    7/27 – Noon hour Watch – Watchers: Dan S, Lisa McK, Kristen, Nico, Lynda and Carol P enjoyed a beautiful afternoon Watch today. and we had a little excitement to make the hour go really, really fast.

    All I can say is that there were two Falcons flying over the river and over and around the old Changing Scenes Restaurant. Witnesses are split on what happened. Was it Archer and Beauty in a courtship flight, or Beauty and another female doing battle? There was definitely some talon touching between the two and to me, they both appeared to be very close in size.

    Later we ID’d one as Beauty, but we cannot be sure if the other Falcon was Mariah or not. No split wing was seen by veteran Watcher Dan S. Dan also said he was surprised to see a little submissive flying from the Falcon we believe was Beauty. She was flying with her wings drooping just a bit, like a juvenile would fly when begging for food from an adult. I didn’t notice this, but my binoculars aren’t the best.

    Lisa and I were of the opinion that it was more an aerial battle than a courtship flight between Archer and Beauty. Dan wasn’t so sure. At far distances, it is very hard to tell.

    First we believe that Beauty sped towards us, flying over the bridge and down the side of the Genesee Brewery heading north east. A moment later, the other Falcon followed and we lost them on the north side of the Brewery. Lisa and I walked down to the west end of the bridge to check out the north east sky, but we couldn’t spot either Falcon.

    When Lisa and I returned to the group, we were told that Beauty had returned and was on the gorge wall, east side. She eventually flew into the Shady Tree.

    That’s where I left her at the end of my Watch.

    We’ll keep Watching!

    Carol P.

  18. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Thank-you for putting up this interesting report so fast. It is like my daily soap opera, another falcon, not positively identified as any in the cast so far…! wow.

  19. Carol P. Says:

    Noon Hour Watch – 7/28/09 – Watchers: Shaky, Jim P and Carol P.

    Very warm, temps going up into the high 80’s today. It’s finally Summer!

    Only one Falcon seen during the Watch, on the old Changing Scenes Restaurant, north side.

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