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Saturday Morning & Afternoon Falcon Watch – 5/23/15

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers: Lisa McK, Dana, Kathy O, Louise, Pat, Shaky, Larry O, Joyce and Carol P. and an ST Report by MAK

The day started out really cold.  It was in the mid-30’s (F) when I woke up this morning.  Frost was on the ground.  We had our Falcon Watch Meeting this morning at 10 am.  I was the first one to arrive at about 9:15 am and set up my falcon watch at the picnic tables on the side of the old Rochester Library.  From there I had a great view of the Rochester Falcon territory.

View from Library Picnic Tables -5-23-15

Beauty was at the nest box on top of Camera #1 and Dot.ca was on the south side of OCSR, top IBeam.

Beauty on Cam 1 -5-23-15DC on OCSR -5-23-15

1,000’s of Swifts filled the air, flying above the river and scooping up insects.  It’s pretty amazing to watch them hunt.

Swifts Filled the Sky -5-23-15

When everyone arrived, we went into the old Rochester Library for our meeting.  After the meeting, Lisa, Kathy O, Dana, Pat and I headed over to Mt Hope Cemetery where Lisa found a Red-tailed Hawk nest.  While there we visited the grave of Susan B Anthony.  One of the Rochester Falcon fledglings was named Susan B in honor of Susan B Anthony.

Robin at Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15Robin Points the Way to Susan B's Grave Site-5-23-15

Susan B Anthony Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15Susan B Anthony Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15

We then found the Red-tailed Hawk nest in which there were 3 eyases.  While we were there, one of the adults visited with lunch, then left.

Mt Hope Hawks -5-23-15Mt Hope Hawks -5-23-15

A Turkey Vulture flew low over the area and the Red-tailed Hawk chased it out of the area.  All the parents are keeping busy clearing out their territories of intruders.

Mt Hope Turkey Vulture -5-23-15Mt Hope Hawk -5-23-15

We took a lunch break and afterwards, I headed back downtown, to watch the falcons and their big metal cousins the Blue Angels.

I parked on the Broad St Bridge to wait for their arrival at 3:00 pm.  Beauty was on the south side of OCSR top IBeam and Dot.ca was at the nest box on the corner of the platform.  MAK reported seeing Seth at ST between 3:20 and 3:40 pm.

Dot.ca at the Nest Box -5-23-15Beauty on OCSR -5-23-15

Now for the Blue Angels!  From the Broad St Bridge, I was able to see them as they passed over the city and circled back towards the Rochester Airport.  Other people stopped on the bridge and got out of their cars to watch.  I love watching these big birds fly! They are incredible.  Here’s a little bit of what I saw.

Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15

During a short break, the most fantastic top gun flew over me and stooped on the pigeons over the river on the south side of the bridge.  Beauty was on the hunt!  Woosh!

Top Gun Beauty on the Hunt -5-23-15

Beauty circled higher and headed east.  After I lost sight of her, the Blue Angels returned for a few more passes.

Blue Angel Over the Moon -5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15

(You know I had to get a moon shot!)  Hahaha!

After the Blue Angels left, I was joined by Joyce and we chatted for a little while.  Beauty flew thru heading north down the river and Dot.ca remained at the nest box.  He had remained there the whole time I was there.  I ended my watch at about 5:00 pm. All was peaceful and quiet.  Just how I like it. 🙂

It was a beautiful start to a long 3 day Memorial Day Weekend!

7 Responses to “Saturday Morning & Afternoon Falcon Watch – 5/23/15”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    I love that shot of the red-tailed hawk taking off, Carol. It was a fun day!

  2. Carla Says:

    Thanks Carol,that was fun.I love the plains flying over.Wow

  3. Guru Says:

    Thanks Carol! Love the red-tails and the shot with the moon! Keep them coming!

  4. June Kogut Says:

    WOW! Now that was a an exciting report with amazing pics..Love the “other” birds and the planes..We lived in Dayton Ohio for 18 years before moving to Cape Cod and went to Wright -Pat air force base to see spectacular flying exhibitions annually.. These were great pictures to see…LOVE the moon shot!

  5. tapper girl Says:

    Golly,What a great watch.I appreciate the view of the planes and the cemetery.Nice to hear that there are Red Tails present.I watch the Cornell Cam and they are a beauty to view.The falcons seem to be coping with the noise,wonder what they think about what is going on.Thank you again.Love it,Love it!!!!!

  6. Ciuciek Says:

    Thank you for the amazing coverage and pics!

  7. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Pat – It was a wonderful day! Love Mt Hope Cemetery! So beautiful!
    Carla – The Blue Angels were incredible!
    Guru – The moon shot was total luck. I didn’t even realize it was up there. lol
    June – I bet you’ve seen some really cool air shows when you lived in Dayton.
    Diane – Now that the Blue Angels are gone, the falcons have a little peace and quiet. lol
    Ciuciek – Thanks!

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