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Falcon Watch Weekend Part 2 – Sunday – 1/8/12

Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My weekend Falcon Watch continues. It was much colder today, but lots of sunshine, so it made it tolerable.

Thankfully watching from my car is an option. Although the Falcon Flakes have been known to be out and about on the most frigid days. But, I was fighting a sore throat and didn’t want to make it worse. My Watch would be shorter today.

After getting some coffee, the $1 for a large special from McD’s, and a free small coffee (it was Customer Appreciation day) I headed to Kodak Park. I would never say no to a free coffee. 🙂


I immediately spotted Unity on the blue bldg that held her scrape. She was on the top ledge standing in front of her shadow. She didn’t stay long. Unity walked down the length of the ledge and took off, heading east. I watched her swoop up into the “pigeon box”. It was a large square hollow structure at the end of a chute. The only entrance is from below and there are beams for pigeons and falcons to sit on.

Probably pretty comfy up there on a cold, windy day and dry if it rains or snows.
She pooped and settled, so I decided to head downtown to look for Beauty. First stop Kodak Office and the surrounding High Falls area.

No sign of Beauty here. I watched as a city truck drove down the pedestrian bridge we used to Watch from. Did you know that this bridge used to be open to two-way traffic? I’ve been on that bridge when a bunch of people have walked out onto it and you can feel it “bounce”. They closed it to car traffic sometime in the 70’s I believe.

OK, onward. I checked all over downtown for close to 2 hours and could not find Beauty. Kathy O arrived and she could not find her either. The good news is that Brian H, Joyce and MAK did see Beauty on a “disk” on top of a ramp garage near Kodak Office later in the afternoon. She was not there earlier when I was looking for her. This spot was very unusual for Beauty, but I had seen Mariah and many juvies up there.

It was time for me to go. Kathy and I checked out Kodak Park one more time since it was on my way home. Unity was still up inside the “pigeon box”. Time for me to go!

You can check out some pics I took today in a KGallery album. No sign on needed.



Carol P.

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