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Things Seem to Be Heating Up in Rochester – 2/27/10

With Rochester underneath a foot or more of snow, things seem be be heating up downtown.

Rochester Falcon Watchers Kathy O, Dana M and Joyce M are reporting¬† that Beauty is hanging out with another Peregrine Falcon.¬† They have not been able to ID the 2nd Falcon, so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s Archer returned from who knows where or another.

Keep watching the cameras.  You might catch a glimpse of them visiting the nest box on the Times Square Bldg.

We’ll have to wait for Dana and Joyce to share their pictures with us.

I truly hope this is the beginning of another, exciting Falcon Watching year here in Rochester, NY.

Keep your eyes to the sky and on the Rochester Falconcam Cameras.

Carol P.

3 Responses to “Things Seem to Be Heating Up in Rochester – 2/27/10”

  1. Joyce (aka wnyfalconfan) Says:

    Not sure if we had three falcons downtown today. After getting Kathy O & Dana’s reports via Carol’s tweets to rfalconcam that 2 falcons were flying downtown and then landed on Kodak Tower (KT), I checked the Brighton building. I only found one falcon there. (I am wondering if one of the Brighton falcons is coming downtown, Archer is back, or a “nubo”).

    When I arrived downtown, I headed up State St to Kodak Tower. As mentioned on the Forum/Falcon Watches/Twitter, I spotted a falcon on the SW corner of the communication tower (CT) platform. I drove over to CT and a minute later the falcon took off. It had its back to me so I couldn’t see any markings. No chance to get any pics. I drove down the alley way and noticed a falcon flying around KT. I pulled into Kodak’s parking lot (gates were up) and I watched the falcon fly back and forth on the south side. I almost thought this peregrine was looking for the nestbox.

    Then it landed on the SW corner of the launchpad and stayed there for a little bit. I saw this falcon take off and fly south around 3:00pm, and noticed 2 falcons flying over the downtown buildings. I called Kathy O. She and Dana were on Mill St watching the 2 falcons on Kodak Tower. She said both falcons took off from the Tower. I only saw the one flying overhead, and missed the second one. Sorry, I didn’t get any pictures today. It was cloudy, dull, and snowy so I used my binocs mostly.

    We all ventured to follow them. Dana and Kathy O saw falcons at Times Square, and then I saw 2 flying northeast. No one found any downtown falcons after that. I didn’t see Kathy O or Dana, but when I spoke to Kathy O again, she told me that they had been watching 2 falcons on KT all the time. I don’t know if one snuck off on them, or if I had a third falcon on the communication tower.

    Like Carol says, things are heating up.


  2. Ruth G Says:

    Is the nest box ever going to be available on the Kodak Tower again?

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Probably not, Ruth G
    Thank-you, Joyce for the blow by blow description of the watch. It sounds most exciting.

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