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Saturday Morning Falcon Watch – 1/14/17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was 25 degrees and cloudy during my Saturday Morning Falcon Watch.  Today I wanted to check out all the local falcon locations, starting at the Brighton Site (BS).

Brighton Site (BS) – No Falcons found.  There were some crows hanging out and groups of pigeons were flying nearby.  Very quiet there.

Downtown Rochester – It didn’t take me long to find Beauty and Dot.ca.  Both were on the old City Hall’s Widows Walk.  Beauty was eating on the NW corner.  Looked like pigeon was on the menu.  Dot.ca was watching from the west side railing.  He was very patient, waiting for Beauty to fill her crop before moving in to take a share of her meal.  They chatted softly for a few seconds and then he took a small piece of the prey.



Here’s a short video snippet showing Beauty and Dot.ca sharing a meal.  Just click on this YouTube link.


After a few bites, Dot.ca took off with his food heading north.

Beauty continued to eat for a few moments and then took off leaving her leftovers.  She headed in the same direction as Dot.ca.


From Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”), I found Beauty on the OCSR, 2nd Ibeam down, west corner.  Now to find Dot.ca.

It wasn’t too hard.  I would recognize that tail anywhere.  lol


Dot.ca was on the northeast corner of the Ellwanger and Barry Bldg.  At first, I could only see his tail.  He then turned around and peaked over the top of the roof.  He and Beauty could easily see each other.


It took him about a 1/2 hour to finish his meal.  Afterwards, he took off flying towards the OCSR, joining Beauty there.  He was on the Ibeam above her on the north corner.



I left them, both with full crops, to continue my watch.

Seneca Towers (ST) – Both Billie and Seth were home.  From across the river, I could see them close to each other on the west side railing.


Charlotte/Summerville – My last stop.  It was really hard for me to check out this area, but I hoped to catch a glimpse of Genesee’s red taped mate.  Too many memories there.  Sadly, I did not see her today.  I hope she’s safe and doing well on her own.

I was happy to end my watch after seeing our two resident pairs.  All was peaceful and quiet.  Just how I like it.

2 Responses to “Saturday Morning Falcon Watch – 1/14/17”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Thanks, Carol. I am so glad we have two very strongly bonded pairs to watch here in Rochester. I too look for Ms. Red Tape.

    Right now it’s really hard not to look at the CGT every time I leave my condo or come back home. What a lovely four months we had watching Genesee. I’ll never forget that Labor Day at the beach with Genesee practically posing for us in the tree. What a great day talking to lots of people from all over North America!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    That is one of my favorite memories too Pat! <3

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