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Falcon Watch Report 7/26/22

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

There wasn’t a whole lot of activity this morning, but we did positively ID Kanfai Malachim (KM) and Blaze, plus we saw one adult. I do believe the adult was Nova based on size only.

Kathy O and I searched all over downtown before, from the Court St Bridge, she spotted two falcons on the Five Star Bank. By the time we drove over to that area, both falcons were gone. Kathy and I split up. She went over to Geva, where she found a very large Red-tail Hawk, but no falcons. From the back of Midtown, I spotted a juvie falcon eating on the east side of the old Bausch and Lomb (B&L) building. After a look at a zoomed in pic, I could see Kanfai Malachim’s blue band.

As I was watching KM eat, Blaze flew over screaming. He ended up landing on a smaller antenna on top of the RG&E Bldg. Not sure what this building is now called. Because of the sun, I couldn’t tell for sure if he was chasing an adult, but I thought he may have been based on his behavior.

Blaze remained on the antenna while Kanfai Malachim finished her breakfast. Kathy O and Larry O joined me behind Midtown.

A few moments later, KM took off, flying around the B&L building heading west. By the time we looked back at Blaze, he was gone! So now we were falconless. Time to drive around again.

As I was heading out, an adult came flying in from the west, landing on the RG&E building, just to the left of the leaf logo. Based only on size, I thought this might be Nova. Looks like we may have found one of her hiding places.

We all ended up parking on the Court St Bridge. Where Kathy spotted a falcon on top of the OCSR elevator shaft.

It was a beautiful, cool Tuesday morning watch. Temps only expected to go up into the mid 70s today. So refreshing after so many 90F days!

Here are some pics of pics, sorry for the poor quality, from the morning watch.

Kanfai Malachim Eating on B&L
Blaze on RG&E Antenna
Nova, I Believe, on the RG&E Bldg Next to Leaf Logo
Blaze on Top of OCSR Elevator Shaft

2 Responses to “Falcon Watch Report 7/26/22”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for the reports and pics. So difficult to get out for watches right now. I really appreciate everyone keeping track of our peregrines.

  2. Kris G Says:

    Thanks, Carol! I’m enjoying your reports and pics….miss our Peregrine family on the cams so this helps keep us all up to date! It will be interesting to see if this new pair migrate or stay in the area this winter.

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