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Falcon Watch 04/22/10 12:15 – 12:45

Took lunch on Broad St. Parked in the middle of the bridge.
Quickly sighted Beauty on OCSR.
Around 12:18, Beauty pretty directly flew to the nestbox. It is interesting to note that her approaches tend to involve fairly angled up-lifts. From OCSR, she disappeared behind Reuters Publishing, but when I next saw her, she was centered up on Times Square at about the 8th floor, and to my way of thinking pretty close to the face of the building. That was when she swooped up his angle and landed right at the nextbox.
In she went and out came Archer.
He headed out behind Reuters, and when I did not see him land on OCSR or Mercury, I changed position to check the Wilder Bldg, which is where I found him on the copper ledge. He preened a bit, and then headed over to the base of Mercury, disappearing from view again.
I watched for a stoop over the parking lot for a bit, but it was time to head back to the office. Getting back to my car, I was able to see Archer still on Mercury.
Next thing he was off and headed towards me. He flew overhead and out over the river, circling by the library twice. I did not see what had him so interested, but he was not more than 20 or 30 feet above street level.
He came back over Broad St, circled and headed up Broad, past South Ave and over the ramp garage. Again I lost sight, but I stayed put.
Within 10 minutes, I had him coming back up Broad St. As he flew overhead I could see that he had completed a hunt. I don’t know what he caught (but it wasn’t anything big like a Condor or flamingo or elephant).
Archerwent to the south-east wing on TS and started cleaning. It was time for me to go.
Nice watch on a cold, and somewhat cloudy day.

6 Responses to “Falcon Watch 04/22/10 12:15 – 12:45”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Hey Larry – glad you got an action filled watch. I just checked the main cam and it was Beauty that came back to the nestbox for an incubation change at 12:19 during your lunch. It makes sense now – you saw Archer, hitting all his favorite places – Wilder Bldg and base of Mercury. Plus he is the daredevil who flies 20-30 feet above street level.

  2. Larry O'Heron Says:

    Joyce, I should have checked the camera archive. Thank you for the feedback.
    I hope I got it better now. Larry O

  3. JenP Says:

    Elephants in downtown Rochester??? Thanks for the great report! My kids & I were down visiting my parents this time last week (I grew up SE of Rochester in Bergen & my male relatives all worked for Kodak for years). We had hoped to get out and see everything in person (have been following online for 3-4 years now), but unfortunately things didn’t work as I had hoped. It’s reports like this that keep people like us (who can’t be in Rochester) “in the loop” about everything that’s going on.

  4. Tammy Says:

    I have been to this site in awhile, can someone tell me the latest news on Mariah? I was trying to find a mention of her in the older blogs but I could not find anything since Thanksgiving.

  5. Paule Says:

    Hello, won’t write a long message because I’m not very good in English. I just have a question. Does someone knows how many eggs there is ? I counted 2 but I’m not sure. I’m very happy to have this thrill again this year… Still missing Mariah, isn’t it ?
    Thank you all for this spring happening, year after year ! 😉

  6. Kathy Villone Says:

    condor, flamingo, or a elephant…let me say this, if it was, hope you got a shot of that, I am sure we’d all like to see. Ha Ha…that was exciting. thanks

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