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Falcon Watch (7:00 – 9:00 pm) – Beauty at the Nest Box; Orion and Dot.ca a No Show – 8/30/12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Tonight I was joined on the Broad St Bridge by Dan S, Larry O, Jeanne and Joyce.  We did have one falcon to watch, Beauty.  There were no appearances by Orion and Dot.ca.  Beauty remained on the nest box perch, then moved to the top of Camera #4.  At the end of the evening, as it got dark, Beauty took off and ended up on her favorite nightly roosting spot on the south side of  Xerox, 5th column in from the SE corner (verified by Joyce).

It seems that Beauty and Dot.ca are taking turns spending time with Orion, tonight it was Dot.ca’s turn.  Where they were, we have no clue.  This gave Beauty a well deserved evening off from the attentions of her young son.

So, not much to report, but I did take a bunch of pictures, as we lost light.  Evening Rochester is a beautiful place that I love sharing with my falcon watching friends and you.  Oh, and tonight it is the night before a Blue Moon!  A 2nd full moon in the month of August on the 31st.  When a haze developed around it, my pictures became very interesting.

If you’d like to take a look, just click on the link below to my Shutterfly album.  No sign on needed.  Enjoy!


Tomorrow it will be a very warm day, with temps near 90 degrees!  I’m sure this will not stop the Rochester Falcon Watchers from being out and about with their eyes to the sky.  I hope to see Orion and Beauty and Dot.ca enjoying the warm evening weather.  Then a long three day weekend.  Woohoo!  Hope you all enjoy the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Beauty on the Nest Box Perch - 8/30/12Beauty on Camera #4 at the Nest Box - 8/30/12Blue Moon Over Rochester - 8/30/12Watcher's View looking west down Broad St - 8/30/12

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