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Morning watch 9-23-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

After a chilly 44 degree start this morning it turned out to be a beautiful sunny first full day of Fall! I got off the bus in darkness at about 6:15am and wondered if the new tiercel(NG) would still be around.

Since it was still dark out I thought I would walk straight over to the east side to look for Beauty on either Xerox or HSBC. Standing by Clinton Square I found her on the northeast corner of HSBC with a star in the eastern sky behind her and breakfast under talon.

img_1800-beauty-with-her-star-behind-her img_1812-beauty-prepping-her-meal

As the sun came up it was interesting how her colors changed as the sun got higher and brighter. Beauty took some time to prepare and consume her meal as I stood below watching. I wasn’t ready for her abrupt departure when she flew off to the west slipping behind Midtown where I couldn’t see her. I knew she wouldn’t be back cuz this is her early morning spot for hunting and eating then she starts her day over near her nest box somewhere. Today was no exception as I found her at the nest box with another falcon under the northeast wing of the Times Square building(TSB). This I could see from the intersection of South Ave. and Broad St.

img_1856-beautyful img_1860-beauty

Once I got to the middle of the bridge the action picked up when I saw another falcon fly in front of the the one under the wing. One of them landed under the southeast wing and the other flew by it and around the back of the TSB while Beauty remained by the nest box. As I was crossing the street the wing bird left so when I got down to Falcon Watcher Central(FWC) I only had Beauty at the nest box. She flew off to the north and a couple minutes later a falcon landed under the northeast wing. As far as I could tell it was NG.

img_1862-ng img_1882-ng

I shared space with him for half hour watching  by He’s Chinese which is located below the Wilder building on Exchange St. He then took off heading south really fast.


Turns out that would be the last time I saw NG. I watched him until he became a dot and disappeared into the southern sky. When I took my binocs away from my face I saw the flash of a set of wings go to the nest box but I couldn’t see in it from my location. I walked back up to FWC as both Donna and Jeanne let me know Beauty and Dot.Ca(DC) were at the nest box bowing.  Thank you to all the cam watchers that help us in the field. Your help is greatly appreciated! 3 minutes later DC flew from the deck over by Crossroads and returned to the TSB landing under the northeast wing.

img_1905-dc img_1911-talk-to-the-hand

For the next hour and a half it remained Beauty at the nest box napping with DC above her under the northeast wing preening and looking around his territory and sneaking in some shut eye as well.

img_1918-dc img_1934-dont-mess-with-me

Dana and Lou joined me and a few minutes later DC flew off chasing after a Blue Jay above Broad and Exchange Blvd. They both flew over the Thomson Reuters parking lot and as the building got too close DC broke off the chase and the poor Blue Jay hit the building and dropped to the parking lot. DC came back thru and tried to scoop it up on the fly but cut that off as well when the Blue Jay got slid toward the little cement wall in the front of the parking lot. He left it and flew west out of view and that was the last we saw of him.

Dana,Lou and I walked up on the Broad St. bridge for a better view and Aaron came by for a photo op. He found the Green Heron in the river below the Thomson Reuters building. It blends in so well and is so small to find. As I was chatting  with Aaron Dana yelled that Beauty was flying. The Beautyful one flew out over the river and vanished behind the OCSR.. Dana and Lou left to take a look around and I left Aaron to catch my bus home.

It would seem that NG may have moved on and so this is how it will probably go all winter if DC doesn’t migrate. Hopefully ending just as quietly with the next possible suitors that come to town which should make for a smile by having no blood shed. 🙂

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7 Responses to “Morning watch 9-23-12”

  1. Kris G. Says:

    NG was very handsome. It’s sad he got chased away and I hope he didn’t get hurt by DC. Too bad we never got the chance to learn his name. Thanks for the report, pics and videos.

  2. MAK Says:

    I know Kris, we haven’t been able to ID any of the males that have come here and moved on. It would be great to know who has survived the harsh life of a wandering Peregrine. 🙂

  3. Ginny Says:

    What a shame about NG. He is so cute but it is better this way as long as no one gets hurt.
    I loved all the pics and videos.
    The pics of intense Beauty and smiling Beauty are my favorites 🙂
    Made me smile for sure!

  4. MAK Says:

    Ginny those are my favorites too! I really think NG left on his own. 🙂

  5. Ginny Says:

    MAK, I think NG knew he had better with DC around 🙂

  6. margaret Says:

    It was a beautiful day today! A day for Beauty! I hope NG is flying high and somewhere safe.
    As long as B is ok. ANd maybe DC will stay around this winter. No more drama!

  7. MAK Says:

    No more drama is fine with me Margaret! 🙂

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