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Falcon watch 6/30/10- 8AM-4PM Jeanne

I wasn’t officially watching but was there today for some of the exciting developments!

When I arrived, MAK told me she had been watching Callidora on the Jail and was going to station herself there! Great idea! I saw Jim P and Jim D taking pictures. Jemison was in the nestbox area and A/B were each on a corner of the building. All was pretty quiet for a couple of hours. Archer did chase a very small bird but came back empty taloned:)

MAK left after 10 and I went to the the Jail to watch Callidora. Thankfully, Dana took pictures of the area because she blended right in with the architecture. Callidora preened and walked (at one point slid) as she made her way up and down the structure. At times, she walked inward or was resting and it was impossible to see her. Fortunately, Carla and Theresa could see her from work. Twice, I saw an adult fly over head. The second time, I did not see Calli. A short time later, I saw two falcons fly in the air. I left to go to the Times Building.

When I arrived, there were three falcons and no Calli. Did I imagine this? Lots of watchers were out– Joyce, Lynda, Tim, Debbie, Larry, Jim P, Shaky, Carrie and then Carla, Theresa, Dan. Even the parking enforcement man stopped by to take a look!
Beauty would take off and fly and a few times Jemison. He made it to above the river beyond the Mercury statue. Jemison ahs awesome flights but Beauty keeps him reined in. Typically, when he flies out, she is nearby and will bring him in. Today, she and Archer did this. At one point, we had all three and Dan saw a little head peak out. Sure enough, it was Calli! Shaky has a picture with an arrow to where she is. What a relief to have all 4 there.

Jemison took a jaunt to the Telesca building and then flew out. Escorted back by his parents, he landed on the top left of the structure around from Calli. (He also landed with precision on the metal structure between the wings. Awesome)!

When I left, all was calm an especially happy knowing our little gal is back to Times Square

4 Responses to “Falcon watch 6/30/10- 8AM-4PM Jeanne”

  1. Donna Says:

    Way to go jeanne…thank you again!

  2. KinderKids Says:

    Nice to know that Callidora is getting back to TSB. Sounds like Jemison is quite the daredevil with her flying. Thanks for the update!

  3. MAK Says:

    Thanks for the nice report Jeanne.

  4. June Says:

    Thanks for your report yesterday…Nice to know the whole family is at least within sight of eah other!!

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