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Morning watch 1-29-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This mornings watch was all about the heavy fog that inundated our fair city.

img_7162-foggy-city-this-morning img_7163-fog-rules-the-day img_7165-bauschlomb

I checked the northeast corner of the Crossroads building to confirm that the remains of the dead bird hanging on the edge of the roof were no longer visible. I had a hard time finding Beauty this morning so after looking for an hour and a half I went to the Brighton Site. I found a falcon one window down from the scrape on the west extension but I couldn’t say who it was because of the foggy conditions.


That is the best I could fix the pic so you can even see a falcon. 5 minutes later just before 9:00am it flew up to the scrape window ledge and was now facing out.


Still I couldn’t ID who this was and in less than a minute it flew off heading north. I lost it in the fog quickly. I checked around the building and surrounding trees a few times but came up empty so I returned to downtown to find the elusive one Beauty. After searching around the city a couple times I spotted her as I approached the Broad St. Bridge from the east side. She was on the money bag hand of Mercury. I drove down in the hole as there was no parking on the bridge.

img_7191-beauty img_7207-beauty img_7208-beauty

After I took a couple pics of her I checked my phone which had gone off to see that Donna had also discovered Beauty on the rfalconcam. It’s good to have people trying to help us watchers as they keep an eye on the cameras. Thank you! Beauty was in hunt mode and she soon spotted something below her. After sizing it up she flew off stooping down to the river and back up where I could see that she was unsuccessful in her attempt to grab whatever it was that she keyed in on.

img_7209-beautyfulRemember to click pics for full versionimg_7212-looking-for-breakfast img_7214-going-after-breakfast

Beauty flew north behind the OCSR building where I lost sight of her. I had to get going but I left smiling for having found the Beautyful one! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Morning watch 1-29-13”

  1. joyce Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Pigott. The white auricular patch looks splotchy and not as distinctive as BST. Interesting…inside the scrape.

  2. Alison Says:

    The dead bird may have been incorporated into Beauty, for all we know.

  3. Campgee Says:

    Well, I had no idea the “scrape” was a broken window! Who’d have thought that? Is this place not used at all, I thought it was a hospital.

    Man, I sure do have some strange dreams sometimes……..

    Thanks MAK.

  4. MAK Says:

    Joyce I thought Pigott but the pics needed help on my computer from being so washed out by the fog. She was in front of the scrape not in it.
    Exactly Alison, or any other number of birds could have incorporated it.
    Camp this is an empty and vandalised old hospital that’s why we can’t advertise where it is -this is not a secured site. It is a means to safeguard the falcons. 🙂

  5. Ginny Says:

    The pics of Beauty are so clear and the videos are great too. I think the falcon is Pigott too but then again at one point it looked like sleepy little BST 🙂

  6. MAK Says:

    Thanks Ginny, I had to work on the pics today to make them worth showing. 🙂

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