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1  Support / Help! / Re: change avatar on: 14-Oct-09, 03:24:16 pm
I had to go to IE and do the change. I don't think Firefox likes the forum. It tells me I have no messages at all on the forum. Anyway, I do see that the falcon avatar is finally there. Just a piece of info about it. It is a sewing embroidery design. Beautiful isn't it. My machine won't do this size or more than 12 colors, which I'm sure this has.
Thx for the help, Firefox has the hiccups, lol.
2  Support / Help! / Re: change avatar on: 14-Oct-09, 03:15:04 pm
Well, I've closed forum and Firefox, so maybe I have to do it in IE. Will try that next, lol. I can't get rid of the owl pic. hehehehe
Val in MI
3  Support / Help! / change avatar on: 14-Oct-09, 01:54:48 pm
I'm trying to change my avatar to a falcon from an owl. However, the owl keeps showing on my profile when I click change. Friend made the tag for me. Can anyone help? I've attached it, so hope you can see it, or maybe needs resizing.
Val in MI
4  Anything Else / Totally OT / I'm finally here, lol on: 13-Oct-09, 02:08:06 pm
After multi tries, and Firefox trying to make me use one addy (a gmail, lol).  computer Had to go thru IE, but I finally made it. falcon

Val in MI computer
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