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1  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Re: Beauty on porch in front of NB on: 31-May-11, 12:27:26 pm
I think that, not only is she hot, but she has morning sickness as well (I hope).
2  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 26-May-11, 04:24:08 pm
I am now seeing a white mark --beginning of a break in an egg -- on one of the two remaining eggs.  It was in the front of the nestbox just before 4 pm.
3  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Archer's mates on: 20-Apr-11, 08:43:02 pm
(This topic was started on the twitter forum -- I thought this shouldn't go there, because not a direct observation, so new topic started)

My thinking is this may happen far more often than we think.  After all, how many falcons receive this degree of observation?

Second, is this possibly an adaptation to the status of peregrines?  Still not a lot of them?  Comparable to what happens after a Bait and Shoot with deer?  The does that remain start having more sets of twins and even triplets to build the population up again.  (I have witnessed this in my woods and yard.)

In any event, it's an interesting development to watch.
4  Support / Camera Problems / Main camera stuck 5:00 PM (approx) on: 15-Apr-10, 05:20:45 pm
I don't know exactly when it got stuck, but it appears stuck now.
5  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Rochester Falcons on the Web on: 12-Apr-10, 10:11:12 am
I blog about the Rochester falcons occasionally at and a piece I did two days ago about egg-laying has been re-blogged, along with the links back to rfalconcam at -- which is a blog from Europe.

Thought you might be interested in one way the Rochester falcons are getting around -- and hope this was the right forum to let you know.

6  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Re: 2nd egg? on: 10-Apr-10, 10:18:44 pm
Egg visible on camera 3 starting at 21:57.
7  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / 2nd egg? on: 10-Apr-10, 09:22:43 pm
at 9:19 PM -- or did she move the first?
8  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Both are back on: 08-Apr-10, 09:49:01 am
9:46 cams 1,2,3 Archer in nestbox, Beauty outside by main camera cam.
9  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / False Labor? on: 05-Apr-10, 08:24:12 pm
Thought Beauty was acting like one of my Great Aunt's old hens at egg-laying time this evening.  Watched for nearly an hour.  Starting around 7:00.  Very encouraging twitches and rustlings and carrying-on.  And then Beauty left -- no egg. . .  I did note that her departure came soon after a fly-in from Archer a little after 8.
10  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / It's Archer on the nest on: 05-Apr-10, 12:15:36 pm
12:15 pm
11  Support / Camera Problems / Main Camera stuck? *RESOLVED* on: 04-Apr-10, 02:06:23 pm
Beauty has left the nest according to the multi-cam view, but not according to the Main Camera.  In the archive, it looks as if it has stayed exactly the same through at least the last three cycles, maybe longer.

This is one time when I hope I'm actually wrong. . .

12  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Apr 3, 2010 on: 03-Apr-10, 09:02:08 am
cameras Main, 1,2,3 8:59
13  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Falcon camera 1 on: 02-Apr-10, 02:47:48 pm
14  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Website News / Re: Did you know we're on YouTube? on: 01-Apr-10, 12:40:32 pm
I just went there and looked.  You are doing a marvelous job of making the rfalconcam accessible to a wider audience.  Thanks.

15  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Falcon Main, Cameras 1,2,3 on: 01-Apr-10, 10:43:40 am
Falcon in nestbox 10:42
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