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Author Topic: The Beautyous One ............ Sunday, 12/27/09  (Read 2236 times)
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« on: 28-Dec-09, 08:22:35 am »

Just a quick report from yesterday.  I had no luck finding any Falcons at Kodak Park or Irondequoit, just lots of Red-tailed Hawks out and about.

I headed downtown and found Beauty (at least I believe it was her), sitting up on top of the Times Square building, at the base of the NE "wing".  According to Dana and Lou, who had been there earlier, Beauty had been eating up there.  This is directly above the nest box.  The main camera has been recently pointing at a ledge between the nest box and the wings.

Larry and Curro joined me for awhile and then Dana and Dan.

Dana, Dan and I had a very nice Watch.  Beauty was in hunt-mode over the river and south of the Times Square Bldg.  She landed on Mercury's upraised hand, watching the 100's of Pigeons swirling over the river.  She will definitely have no problem feeding herself this Winter.

When we all left around 3:00 pm., Beauty had returned to the Times Square Bldg, tucked in under the SE wing. 

Yesterday it was a beautiful, sunny day.  Today is a different story.  Snowy, cold and cloudy.

Enjoy your day everyone and keep warm!

Peregrines know no borders.....
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