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Author Topic: The Elephant Sanctuary, Hohenwald, TN  (Read 2817 times)
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« on: 14-May-11, 06:35:10 PM »

One of my favorite sites to visit is TES, which is a 2,800 acre sanctuary currently hosting 15 female pachyderms (two herds of Asian and one herd of African), all permanently retired former circus performers or zoo animals. (Eight females and one male have passed on, enjoying their last days and years in the freedom of TES.)

There is a lot of information of all sorts dealing with issues regarding captive elephants, and elephant issues around the world, if you care to surf around the site.

They also recently finished installing a 14-camera network to allow a worldwide audience to observe the residents being elephants, as there is no visitation allowed, other than on the web. There are three Elecam channels here. The elecams are on a shorter time-out schedule (unlike lucky us with the Ustream), but it is amazing to see elephants grazing, knocking over trees, bathing and swimming, and playing, all with the ability to move out of camera range. They can just be elephants! 2thumbsup

I hope you enjoy!

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« Reply #1 on: 14-May-11, 07:03:24 PM »

bless the elephants---ane bless those who have given than a new life
I'm Falcon Crazy

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« Reply #2 on: 14-May-11, 07:24:08 PM »

I loved when the elephants came to Pete's Pond. Loved that cam. Sad Thanks for the link!

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