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No Slowing Down For Quest

Quest's Travels Apr 16-22, 2010

We’ve been hoping that Quest might find herself a mate and settle into a territory somewhere, but she seems to have other plans. If the transmitter data are any guide, it looks like she’s quite content to keep on the move.

On April 16th she crossed the border into New York, spending some time at the Kintigh Power plant in Somerset, about an hour west of Rochester. This coal-fired plant has a very tall smokestack that would make an excellent perch for a Peregrine.

Then on the 19th we heard from our friend Doug over at the Archer Daniels Midland plant in Port Colborne, Ontario, that they spotted a falcon wearing a transmitter in their nest box. You’ll remember that this was the home of Freedom, Mariah and Kaver’s son from 2002. It’s also where Archer was hatched in 2006. Archer’s parents are no longer at the ADM plant, which is home to a new pair of Peregrines, but Doug’s note intrigued us. Could this transmitter-wearing falcon be Quest?

Unfortunately the satellite data didn’t cooperate with us very much. On April 18 Quest was about 20 miles west of Port Colborne. But on the 19th we didn’t receive any data at all, and the next day She’d flown back east across the lake, ending up near Sacket’s Harbor on the US side of the international border.

It’s looking more and more like she’s not ready to find a permanent territory of her own just yet. Quest is certainly living up to the best characteristics of her species. In fact, she’s spent so much of her adult life moving around that we decided to commemorate her travels with a line of Quest World Tour apparel and gear!

The Quest World Tour items feature our favorite cyber-falcon with her satellite transmitter on the front. On the back you’ll find a list of all the places she’s visited over the past couple of years. And for those who don’t like back-printed clothing, we’ve got Quest Satellite gear that just includes the front image.

So if you’re like us, and you can’t remember where Quest has traveled, just click on over to the Rochester Falconcam store at Zazzle and pick up a shirt, tote bag or mug! You’ll get a great keepsake and you’ll be helping to keep the Rochester Falconcam operating.

5 Responses to “No Slowing Down For Quest”

  1. Alison Says:

    What a cute idea.

  2. chrissy Says:

    Quest’s halter was sewn together with dental floss and sealed with nail polish (Mexican Red) as the glue usually used had solidified. I wonder if it will hold together longer as a result? 😉

    Checking the monitor it appears there’s a problem with one of the eggs. I hope at least part of the shell can be collected for analysis. Is that possible?

  3. Alison Says:

    Nail polish? mine never lasted this long ! But maybe she is just a gentle flyer and the stresses on the floss are less than they are when it glides (or not) between my teeth.

  4. kathy Says:

    Chrissy: Are you referring to the lighter colored egg? If so, it will be fine as a lack of pigment hasn’t caused problems at other sites.

  5. kathy Says:

    Well I take that back as they’ve just said one egg is gone this morning.

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