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Offspring Updates: Seneca, Quest & Rhea Mae

Seneca & Cheyenne

Seneca with her eyas

Seneca with her eyas

From falcon watcher/photographers Chad and Chris over at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Falconcam site comes this wonderful picture of Seneca posed with her eyas, which has been unofficially named “Warrior”. Two eggs hatched at Seneca’s improvised nest site under the Brookpark Road Bridge, but the second eyas did not survive. Seneca and her mate Cheyenne have been doing a fine job of providing for their young nestling. You can see a marvelous example of an aerial food exchange between Cheyenne and Seneca, also photographed by Chad and Chris, on the CMNH Falconcam Forum.


Quest's Week

Quest's Week

It seems like Quest may be taking a break from her constant traverse of Lake Ontario’s north shore. A majority of her location readings have placed her in or near Wesleyville, Ontario. As with last summer, she’s been making her base of operations at the power station there. She spent much of last summer near this power plant, so time will tell whether she stays or decides to strike out again.

Rhea Mae & Tiago

Rhea Mae's three eyases receive their ID bands

Rhea Mae's three eyases receive their ID bands

Rhea Mae’s three eyases were banded last week at the Sheraton Centre hotel in downtown Toronto. It turned out that all three were tiercels, or male falcons. The three were named Scribe-Star, Legacy & Lorenzo (pictured left to right, above). Several Rochester Falconcam fans and team members attended the banding, and they even provided the name for Legacy. Click the picture above for more photos and a video of the banding, courtesy of “Big Frank” Buston and our friends at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

3 Responses to “Offspring Updates: Seneca, Quest & Rhea Mae”

  1. Alison Says:

    How wonderful. The Mariah legacy lives on, even if Mariah is lost to us. I wonder why there are so many sets of males this season?

  2. margaret Says:

    Wonderful to see Rhea Mae and Seneca’s life and offspring. M and K live on in the legacy left behind.

  3. Maureen in MA Says:

    Legacy – a perfect name and perfect tribute to M & K!

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