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Custom Eyas T-Shirts At The RFalconcam Store

Eyas With FeatherThe latest t-shirt design available in the Rochester Falconcam Zazzle store comes to us courtesy of Dale Pesmen. Besides being a long-time fan of the Rochester falcons, Dale is quite the artist. Her image of a peregrine eyas playing with a feather is a real keeper, perfect for any falcon lover!

At the Rochester Falconcam Zazzle store you can order the eyas on a white or black t-shirt, with a choice of red, yellow or blue feather. You’ll be helping to maintain the Rochester Falconcam with your purchase, and you can show off the work of a very talented artist at the same time. So head on over to Zazzle or one of our other stores for all of your Rochester Falconcam merchandise needs!

One Response to “Custom Eyas T-Shirts At The RFalconcam Store”

  1. Carol P. Says:

    Love this little eyas! Thanks Dale!

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