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Quest Endures Arctic Blast at Prince Edward Point

Quest December 7 - 15

No surprises for Quest. She’s been bouncing between Pickering and Prince Edward Point for the past several weeks, but the most recent few days’ locations have placed her squarely at PEP. The weather’s been pretty nasty and cold, with one of the lowest temperature sensor readings we’ve seen recorded on the 15th, a chilly 9.65°C. Hopefully Quest is finding someplace to stay out of the wind and keep herself warm.

6 Responses to “Quest Endures Arctic Blast at Prince Edward Point”

  1. Donna Says:

    Bless her, she will endure. Really glad the transmitter is still pinging.

  2. MAK Says:

    She comes from good stock I’m sure she will endure! M&K all the way!

  3. Larry O'Heron Says:

    9.6C is not chilly. Should that have been 9.6F? That would match what temperatures have been here.

  4. Maureen in MA Says:

    Wowee, and I thought it was cold here! I too am really glad the transmitter is still reaching out to us. Thanks for the update!

  5. Lu Ann Says:

    Is anyone aware of a female wearing a transmitter successfully raising a family? Just seems as though Quest should have had young ones by now.

  6. Alison Says:

    There was one in Canada, I believe.

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