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2012 Wildlife Calendar – We Need Your Help!

The Rfalconcam merchandising team is working on calendars for 2012, and we need your help! We would like followers of Rfalconcam to submit one wildlife picture they have photographed. Yes, this photo needs to be one you have taken yourself.

Here are the criteria for the 2012 Wildlife Calendar submissions. Remember, we are looking for Non-Peregrine photos.

1. Wildlife image for the calendar needs to be a photo that you have taken of animals (mammals, birds, etc.) that are neither human nor domesticated. Only ONE submission per person.

2. Image must not contain any ‘hand of man’. This means no bird feeders, bird houses, fences, telephone poles, building, etc. The spirit of this is to present the animal in its most natural environment. Note: Images CAN be edited to remove hand of man elements.

3. Image should be sent as one of these file types: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF

4. Image size should be 2200 x 1700 pixels (11 x 8.5 ratio).

5. Image should be sent to Lou at this email address: LTCapuano@gmail.com

6. Provide a title and brief description of the image in the note to Lou.

7. Do NOT post your submission to the board.

8. Last day to submit is October 16th, 2011.

Many thanks from the Rfalconcam Merchandise Team!

2 Responses to “2012 Wildlife Calendar – We Need Your Help!”

  1. JLM Says:

    Will people who submitted photos be notified if their picture was chosen and when will the calendars be available?

  2. Lou Says:

    JLM, we’re working on publishing the calendar soon – hopefully in the next week. Our announcement will include the photographers that were selected.

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