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Update on Website Problems, Part 2 – 5/8/12

The service provider has contacted us and has escalated the problem to a high priority. There is a chance that the missing content will be restored.

We should know more tomorrow morning.

9 Responses to “Update on Website Problems, Part 2 – 5/8/12”

  1. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    Shaky…You must be tearing your hair out! Everyone works so hard at documenting and reporting, that it’s good news hearing about the possibility of restoring missing content. Thanks for all you do, Shaky!

  2. Alison in Austria Says:

    I was wondering why instead of 5/3 reports, I was reading 3/5 reports (in Austria the latter would have been May!)
    Thank-you for clearing up the mystery.

  3. glo thomas Says:

    I sure hope the servers can restore everything! I just tried to go to the site to check out the cams and got a message they were off line. I hope that means they are working on it!

    And thank you for everything you do for all of us , Shaky! We really do appreciate it so much! <3

  4. Shaky Says:

    It’s a team effort. Kenn is is keeping on contact with our service provider.

  5. margaret Says:

    Thank you for all you are doing. I do hope that all is restored. Missing the reports, but the good thing is I can see the nest box. I hope this was all an accident.

  6. dumpsterkitty Says:

    Just an FYI since this is open and not everyone has access to our old Yahoo Kfalconcam group…Quest & Kendal have one confirmed hatch and another appears to be in process now!

  7. Shaky Says:

    No progress was made this morning on restoring the missing content. We received an email shortly after 8 AM saying that everything had been restored, but nothing had actually changed. We reported it back to them and are awaiting a reply.

  8. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you for all your efforts in restoring the website, and missing content!

  9. margaret Says:

    Thank you, Shaky, for posting here. Please keep us posted on what is going on. It’s like being in the dark. I hope it can be restored and safely up and running again.

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