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ROC the Day in 2 Hours

ROC the Day is only a a few hours away!

As previously mentioned, Rochester Area Community Foundation will be checking every two hours to see what registered organization has the most ROCstar donors during that time period. The organization with the most unique donors during each two-hour period will get an extra $1000 bonus. We are going to try to get that bonus during the first two hours. So stay up for a few more hours or set your alarm clock for midnight and then make a donation. It doesn’t have to be a big one. In fact, a small one might be better. You may want to make another donation later tomorrow if we have to make a second attempt at the $1000 bonus, which is tentatively planned for the two-hour period between 10 am and noon.

Stay tuned throughout the day tomorrow. You can get the latest news on our ROC the Day plans at our Forum or on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter.

By the way, the link to donate is http://www.roctheday.org/rfalconcam.

7 Responses to “ROC the Day in 2 Hours”

  1. Shaky Says:

    WE DID IT! We won the 12-2 am time slot and will receive the $1000 bonus!

  2. Alison Says:

    I just donated. I hope all the rfalconcam friends from around the world will donate, even a little bit, and get the rfalconcam team more money for this fabulous project.

  3. Shaky Says:

    Thank you, Alison.

  4. Alison Says:

    I donated first and then read the forum – I should have split my donation up into little pieces like you seem to be doing. Oh well, next year I will know better.

  5. Vecino Acosta Manuel Enrique Says:

    My name is Vecino Acosta Manuel Enrique , I just wanted to write that the blog is really interesting. Waiting for your next article!

  6. Alison Says:

    Was anyone from the rfalconcam family a ROCstar of the hour?

  7. Shaky Says:

    None of the falconcam family were chosen as ROCstar of the hour.

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