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Reviewing Fledge Watch Reports and a New Feature!

We hope everyone is enjoying reading the exciting dispatches from our on-scene fledge watchers! When you’re reviewing the latest reports, take some time to look through the list of recent entries. Some reports are submitted several hours or even a day after the watcher’s shift has taken place. We publish them in reverse chronological order based on the time and date of the Fledge Watch, so the most recently received reports may not appear at the top of the list. Don’t miss out on the action– take a moment to review the entries further down the list!

We’ll be introducing a new feature very soon. Every couple of days we’ll be showcase an exclusive picture or video clip on the Rochester Falconcam’s home page. You’ll be able to download high-resolution images and watch video clips recorded by our Fledge Watchers as Ananta, Linn, Sacajawea and Grace continue to hone their flying and hunting skills. We’ll store all the images and clips on our Imprints Gallery, where you’ll be able to post your thoughts. Look for the first gallery feature soon!


10 Responses to “Reviewing Fledge Watch Reports and a New Feature!”

  1. Susie Says:

    Jess and all the fledge watchers, WE can’t THANK YOU enough. This is just awesome !!! We are truly enjoying every bit of info you give us. Just know that ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS are truly APPRECIATED !!!!!!!!!! – Susie

  2. Diane Says:

    A HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who set up this website, participate in the watch and then take the time to let the rest of us know what is happening through postings and pictures. I am not able to get to Rochester and so I am learning for the first time about all the activity after they leave the nest and how the training happens. I’m very appreciative! Again THANK YOU for all the information!

  3. Roberta Says:

    The descriptions are excellent. It’s almost as good as being there. However, it must be amazing actually to see these little creatures we viewed in the nest cam from eggs to chicks to fledge and then learning to become a predator for their own food in such a short span of time. Thanks again for your time and effort.

  4. judy richwine Says:

    I have enjoyed your website so much I live in Salt Lake City utah and we have 4 baby falcons nesting down town There is a live video on line if you’re interested in watching them They have not left the nest yet but are stretching their wings so it won’t be long. Acces the site by googling
    Utah Devision of Wildlife Resources Click on view streaming video The camera some times cuts out but be patient and you will see some fun nest activity There are volunteers stationed below to catch the birds if they have problems with their 1st flights Enjoy Judy

  5. Juanita Says:

    To all of you who have committed to reporting the fledges’ activities: thank you so much. I know there are many of us who are addicted to this on going, soon to end, adventure. I’ve been wondering if tagged fledges are ever “heard from” again. I am assumming they will leave the Rochester area and take up elsewhere. So, will we ever know where these four sisters end up? Hopefully, next spring, we’ll enjoy watching our Mariah and Kaver again raising another family, but do you ever get reports about their off spring?

  6. Kathy Villone Says:

    That sounds great, can’t wait to see. Thanks

  7. Teresa Says:

    I can only say ditto to the notes of appreciation. I have become so attached to the girls and miss seeing them in the scrape each time I log onto the net. This website and the watchers have made the past several weeks for me and my family so interesting, and a divergence from our daily life on the ground. I have so enjoyed it! Looking forward to next spring and the tales of Mariah and Kaver. I to wonder if the fledgings are tracked and the updates given on their whereabouts. Many Thanks!

  8. Audrey (London UK) Says:

    Looking forward to seeing videos, you seem to think of everything!! Thanks for all the information/explanations etc, it is greatly appreciated.

  9. Amy Says:

    Can we see pictures and information from previous years? I was reading about Freedom (2002) being in Canada and wanted to know more about him and his sibling from that year as well as the other years!

  10. Kathy O Says:

    You have made this event so thrilling that I am making plans to see it in person next year — I can’t wait. The narration and the pics were just out of this world and both of them did make it seem as if I was there. It is truly inspiring and it will be hard to wait til next year. Linn is my favorite of this year and that will be the only thing missing next year but I am sure there will be another winner.
    Thanks again for making me feel a part of this Falcon Event.
    Kathy O

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