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A Pair of Fledgling Updates

Linn at Iroquois NWR
Photo used by kind permission of Tom Flaherty

We have very exciting news to present on two fronts. Falcon fans Tom Flaherty and Rod Cockrell report having spotted Linn (photo above) on August 10 at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, about fifty miles west of her Rochester home. Tom and Rod tell us that they were at the refuge watching and photographing wood ducks when they noticed Linn perched in a tree overlooking the ducks. Here are some more pictures from Tom and Rod.
Linn at Iroquois NWR - Photo by Tom Flaherty Photo by Tom Flaherty

Linn at Iroquois NWR Photo by Rod Cockrell

From Mark Nash and our friends at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation comes the news that 2006 fledgling Rhea Mae has established a nesting territory on top of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada. This location has been home to a resident pair, Wind and Tiago, for the last several years. Reports indicate that Rhea Mae and Wind engaged in a territory dispute for four days, with Rhea Mae emerging victorious. She was observed on August 17 perching on the nest ledge at the hotel, accompanied by an adult male. It is unclear at this time whether the male is Tiago or a new tiercel. A third peregrine is still visible in the area, possibly Wind still looking for an opportunity to regain her territory. As Mark reminds us, this is a situation that is still very dynamic and evolving. We’ll be sure to bring any updates to you as soon as we receive them!


12 Responses to “A Pair of Fledgling Updates”

  1. Donna Says:

    Wow, Linn is “so close” and yet “so far” from home. Great seeing her again as she is my Favorite. Thank you guys for spotting her. As far as Rhea Mae, I hope all goes well between her and Wind, I’d rather not hear of battles for territory, although with so many Falcons around, there’s bound to be some. I wish them all well in their endeavors.

  2. Liza O Says:

    I think these updates are my favorite part of the cycle. To see these falcons come full circle is what it is all about!

  3. jeanne Says:

    These photos are great! HOw wonderful that she has been spotted and hoping that Rhea and Wind have a more peaceful coexistance

  4. chrissy Says:

    Great pictures. Linn certainly looks imposing up on that tree branch. On Friday, Aug 18 a GenesseeBirds list member reported “a banded peregrine falcon with a very readable leg band” at the nearby Batavia Wastewater Plant. Linn again?

    Great that Rhea Mae is doing well! Thanks to Mark Nash and his jolly band of volunteers for that report.

  5. The DragonFlyEye.Net Blog Says:

    The Unexpected World of Blogs and Falcons…

  6. Rita Woods Says:

    I am from Columbus, Ohio-the birthplace of Wind of the Sheraton Hotel was hatched and fledged from the Rhodes State Office Tower downtown in 1998. She has had a very difficult time-no mate of her own (but babies with Windwhistler at King Street until THIS year when she got her own mate-Tiago; and now this!

  7. Terry Says:

    Fantastic pictures and great updates. I check back from time to time to hear any news of the 4 young ‘uns (this is the first year I’ve followed a Falcon Watch) and am always fascinated to hear what’s been happening. Thanks.

    Terry – Hertfordshire, England.

  8. Kathy O Says:

    So, Linn must be able to catch her own food now! And, have they all left the Rochester area or where have they gotten to? Most interesting and wonderful pics and I hope I will be hearing about the others, also. Keep up the Good Pics and Knowledge — I hope to get up there next year for some of this great event

  9. Pirkko Says:

    Tom and Rod, those are fabulous pictures of Linn! I can really appreciate your talent, because I’m myself still trying to master the art and technique (never mind talent) of taking presentable pictures of my sleeping cats. Could it be that I am using the wrong camera?

    I predict Linn the Duck Hawk will soon make proud the person after whom she was named by snatching up one of those ducks for dinner. The very thought of it makes me feel uneasy, because I don’t want any duck casualties, but it’s going to happen …

    Any news of Ananta? I hope she is doing well, too.

    Hi, Alison!

  10. Kathy V Says:

    Thanks for the photos, Linn sure had made it quite a ways. She’s making a new territiry hers. Glad to see all is good.

  11. Alison Says:

    Hi Pirkko! Are you using a Kodak camera? I have good success with my DX6490 that I got after seeing the pictures Jim posted of the Juvies in 2004! (Of course, Jim has since switched cameras and his pictures are as spectacular as ever, but where there is a will, there is a way and practice makes perfect:-) Maybe we shall see some of your cats on a cat forum I ran across recently – I think its URL was posted at the Harrisburg Falcon Forum.)
    I just hope Linn stays away from the airport.

  12. Barbara Says:

    What wonderful news. The pictures of Linn are beautiful. I’m so glad Rhea Mae is alive and well. I’m hoping the same for Wind.

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