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For Falcons, Fewer Perches

RGE BeeBee Station Smokestack Demolition   Center Smokestack coming down   Demolition close up
Photos courtesy of Tom Hoehn at Eastman Kodak Co.

Mariah and Kaver’s next set of offspring will have fewer perching options when they take their fledging flights in 2008. That’s because the Rochester Gas and Electric company has begun removing two of the three smoke stacks at the BeeBee Station on Mill Street.

Since Mariah first began nesting on the Kodak tower, the smoke stacks at the defunct power plant have provided a high vantage overlooking the Genesee River gorge hundreds of feet below. A recent local news article claims that the smoke stacks are being removed to make way for a new substation.

As you can see in the pictures above, the demolition of the middle smoke stack– the tallest of the three– is going fast. The north stack will be taken down next, leaving only the southernmost “High Falls” smoke stack. Based on the current progression it looks like the demolition work will be completed before Mariah and Kaver return to the nest box this spring.

Though there will be fewer smoke stacks for the falcons to perch on, this change to the falcon’s eastern view should also make for a safer neighborhood. These smoke stacks have been places of danger for young falcons in the past as the inexperienced fliers overshoot their landings and fall down the tall chimneys. The lack of perching spots won’t be serious, though. There are still plenty of places for the fledglings to alight.

Other changes are coming to the neighborhood too. In 2008 construction will begin on an apartment complex located at the site of the current Kodak Visitor Parking lot on State Street. The townhouse style building will be three stories high, and it may serve as a new perching site for the fledglings. The Rochester Falconcam team has already contacted the Rochester Urban League to inform them of their unique neighbors and to work with them to help ensure the welfare of any falcons that may find their way to the roof of the complex. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about the changes happening near the Kodak tower as we move into the 2008 Rochester Falconcam season!


2 Responses to “For Falcons, Fewer Perches”

  1. Kathy Villone Says:

    It is so good to hear from you folks as to the progress of the fledglings. I hope Linn decides to start a family here too. I see Mariah on the box waiting patiently for Kaver. Can’t wait to see how many they have this season. Have any of the other girls been sited? Would like to know how they are doing.Thank you

  2. Kathy Villone Says:

    At first I thought it was a shame that the stacks are being torn down, but if they are a hazzard to the young fledglings, then it is for the best. They will find another place, safer. I enjoy knowing they stay close by, and if not, are sited by the staff, and reports are favorable. Than you.

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