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Our 2020 Rfalconcam Calendars are Now Available! 10/18/19

The 2020 Rfalconcam Calendars are now available. This year’s calendar is full of all kinds of awesome pics of Beauty, Dot.ca, Donna, Phoenix, Jupiter and Lakota. 2019 was a memorable year for our Rochester Falcons. We had our share of sadness (with the loss of Donna and Phoenix) and happiness (knowing that Jupiter is thriving in rehab and seeing Lakota recently interacting with Beauty and Dot.ca).

2020 Rfalconcam Calendar Ad

Click here for 2020 Rfalconcam Calendar!

We are also offering the classic Shakymon Calendar for 2020.

Click here for 2020 Shakymon Calendar!

We hope that you enjoy both of our 2020 calendars!

One Response to “Our 2020 Rfalconcam Calendars are Now Available! 10/18/19”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Lovely. So many pictures for each month in the Rfalconcam Calendar! Beautiful layout.

    Shakymon’s zany calendar took me back to “happier days” on Kodak Tower, when his creative juices were flowing much faster than nowadays, when he is so wrapped up in the technology side of the enterprise.

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