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Upcoming Camera Replacement at the Times Square Building

Weather permitting, this Thursday, October 8th, Camera 1 will be replaced with a new HD camera. Additionally, the other four cameras will be cleaned and adjusted, and the site will be inspected for damage.

The cameras at the Times Square building will be turned off during this procedure, which is expected to start at 8 am and be completed by 5 pm.

3 Responses to “Upcoming Camera Replacement at the Times Square Building”

  1. Lynne Heroux Says:

    Cab’t wait to see!

  2. Alison in Indiana Says:

    I hope the camera can be set up before the spring. But it least it will not have to endure a Rochester winter…

  3. Shaky Says:

    We ran into a snag with the existing pole. There were several problems with the pole that made it unsuitable for reuse. We decided to remove it and replace it with a new pole, which should be installed in a few weeks.

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