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Offspring Update: Rhea Mae’s First Hatch!

Adult and First Eyas at Toronto Sheraton Hotel
Photo courtesy of Linda Woods/Canadian Peregrine Foundation

We at the Rochester Falconcam are delighted to receive the news that Rhea Mae and Tiago’s first eyas hatched today! Sometime around 9:00 AM the first of their four eggs hatched. Canadian Peregrine Foundation member Linda Woods rushed over to the hotel to snap this shot of one of the adults tending to their fluffy new nestling. The egg to the left of the eyas has a pip in the top of the shell, so another hatching might be happening soon.

Rhea Mae and Tiago have three more eggs in the nest. You can watch all the hatching action at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation’s Sheration Centre Nest Webcam!


Rhea Mae with 2 eyases

A second egg appears to have hatched. Here’s a picture saved from the CPF website and sent to us by Carol Phillips showing Rhea Mae with two eyases. It looks like we’re going to be busy here at Imprints keeping track not only of Mariah and Kaver’s nest, but those of their offspring too!


12 Responses to “Offspring Update: Rhea Mae’s First Hatch!”

  1. joan Says:


  2. Debi Says:

    How Wonderful;;; And she did it before her mom.. we are still waiting, for Mariah’s to hatch…..Keep the great pic’s coming…Happy Mother’s Day Rhea Mae!!!!!!!

  3. Angela Says:

    Yay Good for her!

  4. Froona Says:


    At 3:53 the first eggshel is pushed away by Mariah and the hatchling is clearly visible!!

    CONGRATS to everyone!


  5. Sue Says:

    Happy Mothers Day to Mariah !!!!!!!!! Way to go mama !!!

  6. Shirley Wilson Says:

    What a wonderful day to wake up to…new babies…Congratulations Mariah and Rhea….!!

  7. Spiky Sandy Says:

    Hurray! Babies!!

  8. DragonFlyEye Says:

    Outstanding news! Geeze, who’d have thought I’d get so excited about birds hatching? My wife is rubbing off on me. . .

  9. » ‘Tis That Time of the Season, Again! » DragonFlyEye.Net Says:

    […] and Kaver have begun hatching this season’s brood.  And meanwhile, their daughter Rae Mae is hatching babies with her man Tiago in Canada.  Ah, spring!  It never feels like its really here till the falcon […]

  10. Debi Says:

    just to let you everyone know Mariah and Kaver have 3 new little darlings……keep the updates coming for Rhea Mae….

  11. Debi Says:

    How many eggs does Rhea Mea have now????

  12. Debi Says:

    Sorry I meant how many eggs have hatched????

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