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Banding Day is Nearly Here!

The team at the Rochester Falconcam has been hard at work preparing for Banding Day, and everything is coming together. Just like last year, we’ll provide updates at Imprints as the banding action unfolds. Catch it all on our 2008 Banding Day page! The page will be activated on Friday morning as soon as we get the banding activity under way.

Lighting the Banding Table

Our guests should start arriving around 9:30 Eastern Daylight Time on Friday morning. If everything goes according to schedule we should begin removing the eyases from the nest box just before 10:00 AM. Of course, we’ll be operating on “Mariah Time”, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll get the timing exactly right! Banding Day is one of our busiest days, so be sure to click your Internet browser’s Refresh button often to see the latest updates on the Banding Day page, and be patient while the pictures are loading.

We’re very excited about the names that have been submitted for this year’s young falcons, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We’ll also be providing views of the banding on the Rochester Falconcam’s Multiview page. If you miss the action Friday morning, don’t worry! We’ll publish a review of the day’s events at Imprints so you can catch up.


23 Responses to “Banding Day is Nearly Here!”

  1. Angela Says:

    Cool Thanks! I cant wait to find out what their names are and if they are boys or girls!!!:D

  2. AJ Says:

    Where would I find the “refresh” button. Don’t see anything on my keyboard

    Wow! the kids are sure getting big. Just now Kaver was feeding the family (about 5:50PM)and some are almost as big as he. They would be the girls, right? We’ll see. They now have there Halloween masks on!

  3. Mary in Texas Says:

    Please see this video on youtube; it’s about how fast falcons can fly! This female is clocked at 180 mph!


  4. Kathy Villone Says:


  5. Alison in Austria Says:

    AJ, it is not on your keyboard, it is on the monitor screen – usually at the top of the browser window.
    Hope nothing comes up for me at 4 pm here in Austria 😉

  6. DEB Says:

    Hey Jess,

    I thought we would get a chance to submit our names? I have two for you that I would like to be considered. Tenderfoot and Ermine.


  7. Debbie Says:

    You are so right AJ. I was just on there and Kaver was feeding them and they are almost as big as him. My they grow fast. I can’t wait to hear their names and to see how many are girls/boys. I just love checking this site everyday to see their progress, as I do with Rhea Mae as well.

  8. Debbie Says:

    They are also trying to pick off their own food. It is so cute to watch them

  9. CJ Says:

    Perhaps, next year there could be a way to sponsor names as a way to raise funds. I have a few that I would like to submit.

  10. Carole Says:

    My students were sad that they couldn’t submit names this year. Last year, being all girls, their male name wasn’t considered. I would like to suggest that names be open for submission again next year. The students love watching the birds grow–they will leave school knowing more about falcons then they ever have before. Thanks for all the photos and wonderful education about the birds–they’re glorious!

  11. Barbara in WA Says:

    How do you chose the names ? I am not sure if I am remembering right, but I believe a school classroom chose one of the names last year.

    Add me to the list of fans who can’t wait to find out which ones are male, which are female and what they are named. I’ll be watching as much as I can tomorrow !

  12. Jess Says:

    @ DEB & Carole- We know there are a lot of people who would have liked to submit names, and each year we face the difficult decision of how to handle the naming. For the past two years we have used naming contests, but this year we felt it was important to select some very deserving groups to submit names. I feel sure that we’ll hold naming contests again in the future.

  13. Corinne Chaborek Says:

    I just saw Mariah come back to see that all her babies were gone. I feel so bad for her, I am sure this scared her to death.

  14. Donna Says:

    Great names! Good to see them back in the nestbox again.

  15. Alison in Austria Says:

    Who sugested Susan B.? it could have been me, but I wasn’t asked 😀

  16. Debi Bailey Says:

    WONDERFUL DAY !!!!!!! Strong names for the babies and I’m sure they will live up to them…I loved watching every minute….

  17. Debbie Says:

    I wish I could have been there to see it. I don’t think it was the same watching it from work. I hope the names are cool, I can’t wait to hear what they are. It was pretty funny looking at the pictures of what was happening while they were taking the eyesas and putting them back. Just think after today we can call them by their names. 🙂

  18. Terri Says:

    I loved all the names and I also wondered who picked Susan B. as it wasn’t mentioned like the others were.
    Also, as we all know, there are many students in the Rochester city and surrounding suburb schools who watch Mariah and Kaver every year, how do you choose a classroom to join you on banding day?
    Thanks to everyone involved with banding day and coverage….very nicely done!

  19. Debbie Says:

    Great names.

  20. Alison in Austria Says:

    When I first read the name Seneca, I thought it was great to be naming a falcon for the great Roman philosopher, but the reason given is probably more appropriate for a raptor 😉 Seneca the Junger was not the agressive kind…

  21. Debbie Says:

    Well after such a nerve wracking morning for the Peregrine family it seems like the babies just want to sleep and it looks like Mariah and Kaver are not going to far from home 😉

  22. Karen Says:

    When will the camera get changed so we can see the whole box? To see Mariah and Kaver on top of the box?

  23. Cheryl Says:

    Is one eyas wearing a transmitter/tracking device? I searched to be best of my abilities ut couldn’t find a note on it – please point me in the right direction.

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