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Calling All Student Falcon Artists!

Riana’s Mariah Drawing

Here at the Rochester Falconcam we love to see the creativity of our viewers. Recently we received this drawing by Riana, a second grade student at the Canandaigua Primary School. We liked Riana’s picture of Mariah so much that we’ve decided to post it here for everyone to see!

Riana’s picture got us thinking. After all, she can’t be the only young artist out there. So if you’re a student (18 yrs. or younger, please) and you’ve drawn, painted or made other kinds of art featuring Mariah and Kaver or their family, we’d love to see your work!

Send a photo or scanned image of your creation to jess@rfalconcam.com and we’ll feature it in our Student Art Gallery! We’ll run the gallery now through the end of July. Be sure to include the name of the artist, the grade you’re in and where you go to school.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of your work!


27 Responses to “Calling All Student Falcon Artists!”

  1. Liza O Says:

    Great idea, Jess! I love the kid’s work! I retired this year from teaching art , but had my students in last year’s Falcon art show!

  2. Ginnie in SC Says:

    The photographs of the Falconcammers are some the most beautiful pieces of artwork I’ve ever seen – you make George Eastman proud. Thank you for giving us such stunning images of these incredible birds!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Ditto what Liza O said–excellent idea! I trust you’ll post at least some of the drawings somewhere on the rfalconcam site. Will there be an age-categorized contest? Maybe the winnter could get some of the “Chicks for Bricks” items!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Speaking of artwork, Jess, is there a way to download a good, hi-res version of the Falconcam logo? I’d like to put a link on my blog. . . .

  5. Angela Says:

    Liza O was my art teacher in school and she had us make art of the falcons and their family It was really cool! (yea I know she already said this but I wanted to say it too) 😀

  6. Mark Says:

    Sharon: You can get a good version of the logo on the Scrape page. Just go to that page and right click on the logo for “Stuff for Home” then save the picture wherever you’d like. It’s a great size for your purposes.

  7. RBuc Says:

    Sorry – Tried to reply on the yahoo site. Q re: transmitter
    What has happened to the others previously that have been fitted with a transmitter? I seem to recall one of the previous chicks (Hafoc?) was fitted with a transmitter, but I thought he didn’t survive very long. I never heard further about the circumstances. I understand you get valuable information, but can this be a “death sentence” of sorts? Does it break way after a while, or is it on them the rest of their lives?

    Again regarding the family tree that is posted….with the banding that has taken place over the years now, someone would know the status (good or bad) for a number of these offspring, including the ones found nesting. Can the family tree be updated to show what is known? I know this all is volunteer work so all your work is appreciated, just asking….

  8. dms Says:

    I just logged on during lunch and found that their were workers going in to the box and now it looks like one of the birds are missing … I hope nothing serious is wrong with the little one.
    Is he/she okay?

  9. Ei Says:

    dms-Stay tuned…I’m sure Jess will be making an announcement shortly…but all is well!

  10. Patti Says:

    My sister and I have watched since they were eggs… we are worried sick.. we just saw a little one with red on it’s chest and now it looks like it has a needle in it.. what are you guys doing??!! This is so upsetting!

  11. Debbie Says:

    dms-I noticed someone up there too, today. Now it looks like Quest has something on and it looks like she is checking it out.

  12. Jill Says:

    it looks like they put a transmitter on quest??

  13. MJC Says:

    I hope that someone leaves a message to let us know what happened this morning. I too noticed that one of the chicks was missing after a worker was up at the site. Does anyone know? Is the chick alright?

  14. Debbie Says:

    Whatever Quest has on looks bulky and sticks way out off her back. They are so cute and getting so big. I cant wait for them to head out over the skies of Rochester.

  15. Debbie Says:

    Too bad it couldn’t be smaller

  16. Sharon Says:

    Please trust the expert about this. They know what they’re doing. Really!

  17. Donna Says:

    I believe that both of birds that were fitted with transmitters were killed. If I remember right one of them was hit by a car and the other appeared to be killed by a predator.

    What’s going on in the nest box today?

  18. Deborah Loudenslager Says:

    I have this site up on my computer all day long and missed this event that scared me to death when I noticed something on one of the ‘kids’ back. Then saw red and thought she was bleeding too…we figured it was a transmitter of some kind…still freaking out. Glad I on board here to read other comments that eased my mind! Jess will think I’m nuts because I kept sending her pictures of it. WHEW – – don’t we all take Mariah and Kavers family like our own! I can’t get enough of them and the fun part has just begun! Thanks all for your informative comments.

  19. Debbie Says:

    You said it Deborah, I thought she was bleeding as well and it was right after seeing one of the workers up there, and I too keep this site up on my computer all day and check in on them through out the day. You are also right about them feeling like our own families. I just love all of them, and enjoy watching them year after year.

  20. Debbie Says:

    Zephyr is spreading his wings, what a little cutie

  21. Lorr54 Says:

    I am so relieved to read that it is only a transmitter! I watch the site daily and thought something terrible had happened. Whew!

  22. Donna Says:

    This is the report I found about Skye:

    September 17, 2005:
    Lucknow, ON. Although they are not what we were hoping for, a search for Skye has yielded some results. Skye was found ~15 metres from the last telemetry location received, though her transmitter itself was not seen.

    We now know more specifics about the location. Skye was within a few metres of a pond, just inside a recently cut corn field and adjacent to a field with horses. The nearby road is gravel and lightly traveled, and it therefore seems unlikely that she suffered a vehicle collision. Rather, given the condition in which she was found, it appears she was the victim of predation. One plausible scenario is that she had caught prey from on/around the pond, and was eating it on the ground when attacked by a terrestrial predator (fox or coyote most likely). An older Peregrine Falcon would usually carry prey to a safe place before eating, but young birds are more likely to make “careless errors”, and sometimes pay the ultimate price for them.

  23. Froona Says:

    I saw the workers as well and noticed this device on one of the chicks, Is this necessary? Does it not bother the little one, the device and this long antenna sticking out. I really hate this!
    How about fledging, is it not dangerous for her to have this on her? And what about later on in her live, is she stuck with this for the rest of her live? Or does it come off after a few months?
    And what happens when she changes her plumage, will new feathers have room to grow without problems? Is this indeed not a deathsentence?
    I feel horrible about this. I love these 5 so very much I just hate seeing something happening to them. Why is this done?

  24. Sharon Says:

    Mark (sorry for the late reply), thanks for the “grab the logo from the Scrape page” idea. It worked great, and I’ll have it up on my site soon.

  25. dale Says:

    Great idea – the student art gallery! Liza’s students had a show of peregrine art at the High Falls Gallery last summer and it was JUST AMAZING!!! I loved the work and am happy to have the opportunity to say it again! Terrific job Liza and students, every one of them, and hoping we see a lot more peregrine art!

  26. caye Says:

    I guess I am not the only one that is in tears over this. Why do I love these birds so much? Poor Quest

  27. Cathy Says:

    I just found out about the plans to move the nest box. Here on Imprints, it is stated that they are looking at places frequented by M&K to relocate. May I suggest the old “Changing Scenes” building? They spend a lot of time over there especially around the elevator shaft, they may take to a new nesting place there.
    I truly hope that M&K decide to stay, they have personally brought me a lot of joy and been the means for me to meet many wonderful people as well.
    I also have a question, I was under the impression that the falcons were loyal to a nest site (location?) I am wondering, if that is the case, won’t the people working on the building potentially be in for some heavy duty protest by M&K themselves? I hope they all have hard hats and brooms! hee-hee! 🙂
    Good luck to all the humans involved in this quest and good luck to M&K…we love them so!
    Cathy D’Angelo

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