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Quest’s July Journey

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We’re happy to offer the first of what we hope will be twice-weekly updates on Quest’s travels. Since we have some older data we thought we’d show you where she’s been, then work our way forward. So our first map plots her July journey.

As you can see, Quest spent most of her time hanging out in Rochester. In fact, for the first four weeks the strongest data we received placed her in and around the downtown and High Falls areas.

Then, at the end of the month she decided to head east. In just a few days she made it all the way to Duanesburg, just east of New York’s fabled Leatherstocking region. That’s what we at the Rochester Falconcam like to call good flying!

Check back soon for more updates.


2 Responses to “Quest’s July Journey”

  1. Melissa Says:

    This will be so interesting to follow!
    Looking forward to the updates.

  2. Deborah Loudenslager Says:

    This is so great to know where she is and will be making her new life. Is Quest the first one to leave the others? Are the rest of them around Rochester or have they separated? Since she left, I’m guessing her hunting ability must be good since she’s had to fend for herself. Any info on any of them is a treasure! Thanks Jess for your update!

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