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Updates: Quest and Nest Box Relocation

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Quest hasn’t taken any more surprise trips. She’s continuing to stay close to the southeast corner of Cape Cod, making brief forays over the water. It seems she’s taken a liking to Sequetucket Harbor and Monomoy Island as a daytime destination. Many data points from early in the morning show her near South Brewster. It’s possible she’s found an overnight perch there.

This past Friday, October 10, representatives from the New York DEC and the Rochester Falconcam were on hand for the installation of a nest box on the Powers Building. The Powers Building is at the corner of Main and State Streets, about ½ mile from the Kodak tower. Local falcon fans gathered on the nearby Andrews Street bridge, which provides an unobstructed view of the box. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper published this article describing the event.

Looking Toward Kodak     Moving the Nest Box      Installing the Nest Box

Rochester Falconcam team member Carol Phillips was on hand for the unveiling of the nest box at its new location, and she brought us these pictures. The view looking north from the observation deck on top of the Powers Building provides an unobstructed line of sight back to the Kodak tower. The nest box will face this way. The DEC believes that will make it easy for Mariah to see the box if she’s perching on the Kodak building, something she likes to do in the fall. The box will also look out onto the Genesee river, and it’s actually closer to the river on the Powers Building than it was on Kodak.

The other two pictures from Carol illustrate the box being installed. The engineering firm of Clough Harbour & Associates LLP, located on the eightth floor of the Powers Building, designed a sturdy platform for the nest box, and the building’s maintenance team installed it. An interesting new feature of the platform is a ramp that will allow the pre-fledge eyases to climb back into the nest box if necessary.

We want to extend our warmest gratitude to Mark Stevens and everyone at S. B. Ashley Management Corporation, as well as Tom Wolanski and his team at Clough Harbour & Associates, and Rob and the guys on the maintenance crew. Their enthusiastic embrace of this program is greatly appreciated by all of Mariah and Kaver’s fans around the world.

A second nest box is planned to be installed on the Times Square building. The exact date hasn’t yet been worked out by the DEC, but as soon as it happens we’ll let you know!


7 Responses to “Updates: Quest and Nest Box Relocation”

  1. Donna Says:

    Thanks Jess and Carol. Great they have a platform and a ramp, as sometimes they tend to fall, be pushed by a sib or just jump to the playpen at the Kodak site. This is a convenient way of getting back in. Hope Mariah eyes it and pays a visit. Good job all!!

  2. Kim in Italy Says:

    Great job! A big thank you to all the team.

    Now we are waiting for you, Mariah.. 😀

  3. ENB Says:

    Thanks for the information and the diligent work in establishing the new location and in completing installation of the nest box.

    Is the platform and ramp equivalent to the playpen as an aid to preflight strengthening and conditioning? Is the direction of the box opening such that it offers best protection from normal climate elements and wind currents?

    Again thanks.

  4. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you for the update, and pictures! And yes, thank you to everyone on the team for their caring efforts in this transition for our falcon family.

  5. jeanne Says:

    I was really impressed with the enthusiasm of the folks involved with the nestbox installation and the care they took with it. I hope Mariah takes to this.

  6. Alison in Austria Says:

    Thanks Jess and Carol, now all we need to do is HOPE that Mariah likes the spot! The new building seems full of enthusiastic folks – will they stay that way if the falcons move in and bird parts start floating down the sides of the building? 😮

  7. Kathy V Says:

    Thank you so much for the update, sounds like it is going well. I especially like the fact that the box is easily seen from the Kodak Tower, and Mariah can see it. Good thinking. You all are doing a great job, I am so excited about it. I sure hope they like one of the locations. Looking forward to more updates.

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