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A Nantucket Noel for Quest

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Quest remained in the neighborhood around Tom Nevers Road in southeast Nantucket for the holiday. Several of the data points show her very close to some luxurious residences.

In fact, on Christmas Day, Quest appears to have been a surreptitious house guest at the seaside mansion of some wealthy landowner on Wanoma Way, close by Tom Nevers Pond. Locations on other dates also place her near several different houses. The winter population of Nantucket falls to about 10,000, so its anyone’s guess whether she has been spotted or not.

If you’re on Nantucket with some time on your hands, you might want to cruise the streets around Tom Nevers Road. Who knows? You might just spot Quest perched on a rooftop somewhere.


17 Responses to “A Nantucket Noel for Quest”

  1. ei Says:

    Thanks Jess! I’m glad Quest has found somewhere she feels safe with good hunting right down the road!

  2. dale Says:

    thanks, jess! it’s so terrific to get these updates.

  3. Paul Says:

    Thanks, Jess!
    She sems to like the neighborhood. I wonder if she has now decided upon her winter teritory.

  4. Alison in Austria Says:

    I wonder if she has decided on her expanded territory period. Does not sound like she is meeting too much competition.

  5. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you, Jess – always appreciate your updates! It’s always exciting to hear that Quest is doing fine on her own. Happy New Year to Quest, and all of you!

  6. Kate Says:

    We’ll keep our eyes out. We live in Tom Nevers and haven’t seen her yet. Sounds like she’s hanging out near the beach & water!

  7. debbie miller Says:

    sorry jess – just saw the update – we spotted her on the annual christmas bird count here on 12/27/08 just west of miacomet pond looking a bit bedraggled on top of a house on w.miacomet ave.

  8. Melissa in MA Says:

    How delightful to find a new update! I am glad to hear
    she continues to do well and feels safe up here in MA.

  9. Kim in Italy Says:

    Glad to find a new good update, thank you Jess!
    She’s doing great, our Quest! Close to luxurious residences.. LOL!
    Happy New Year to her and all of you, addicted friends! 😀

  10. Kate Says:

    We might have seen her a few times today, near our house in Tom Nevers, although I have no idea how large a falcon is, so I’m not sure if it is her. The bird I saw appeared to be hawk-like, only slightly larger(? maybe). It was hunting and made a few piercing calls.

  11. Kathy V Says:

    Sure wish I could be there, but it is good to know she is doing okay. Must really like it there.
    Any more word on the new pair hanging around uptown? Hope they don’t try to take over where M&K hang. Then again, maybe we can have two pairs sharing the locations. You never know.

  12. Carol P. Says:

    Kathy – The visiting Peregrine pair are still being seen around downtown Rochester. We’re still trying to get an ID on the banded female. No luck yet. Happy New Year’s to you all. – Carol P.

  13. Kathy V Says:


  14. mary Says:

    Happy New Year to Quest, the visiting Peregrine pair, and all the Watchers!

  15. Maureen in MA Says:

    We got quite the snow storm yesterday here in MA, especially on the Cape. I’m looking forward to your next report as Quest has been on my mind since the first flake. I hope she found some place dry and out of the wind to hunker down!

  16. ei Says:

    Debbie -I’m SOOO glad to hear Quest was seen!

    Kate-The usual size description of a Peregrine is crow-sized.

    To both of you-I’m happy to hear we have at least 2 local watchers! I hope you have more sightings!

  17. June Kogut Says:

    So glad to hear Quest is still hunting in MA. The snowstorm was tough. I have no idea what birds do or where they go during these wintry storms.. I did notice several flocks of birds eating rapaciosly hours, even minutes, before the snow started. Small birds and one group of robins were dovouring whatever was on some lawns near us. In any case, I hope Quest endured and goes on to have a Happy New Year. The same to all my fellow falcon watchers.

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