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Good News for Mariah’s Progeny

From our friends at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation comes the happy news that Rhea Mae (2006) and her mate Tiago have begun their 2009 nesting season at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto, Ontario. From the CPF’s Linda Woods we received word that Rhea Mae has laid two eggs– the first on the 26th, and a second yesterday on the 29th. Here are some pictures that Linda sent along:

web cameras at the Sheraton on-line, so with a bit of luck you’ll be able to watch Rhea Mae and Tiago raise their second brood of peregrines soon!

Photo courtesy of Marcia Lyman
There’s plenty of excitement closer to home too! Over the past few weeks our volunteer falcon watchers have observed a second pair of Peregrines in Rochester. The two falcons have made their home at an abandoned building in the nearby suburb of Brighton. The building is a few miles away from the downtown area. The location is far enough removed from downtown Rochester to avoid any territorial disputes between Mariah and the newcomers. An unbanded female had definitely been using the building as a territorial base, along with a couple of males. The first appeared to be a banded falcon with adult plumage, but he hasn’t been seen for a few days. Recently a sub-adult male appeared in his place.

Last Saturday afternoon (28 March), falcon watcher Marcia Lyman observed this sub-adult male and the female perching on the building, flying around it, and calling to each other. Using a spotting scope, Marcia was able to read the black and green leg band on this tiercel. You can imagine her surprise when she saw the band number, 22/R, in her scope– it was our very own “Z-man”, Zephyr! Here are a couple of pictures that Marcia took:

2009-03-28_zephyr_1.jpg     2009-03-28_zephyr_3.jpg

As you recall from last year, Zephyr was the first of Mariah and Kaver’s 2008 brood to fledge, and he showed himself to be a masterful flier almost from his first day in the air. On Sunday a group of watchers found Zephyr and his lady friend on a nearby State Hospital building, so we have high hopes that Zephyr might be here to stay, and that the two of them will establish a nest. Like the Kodak tower, the building in Brighton it is tall, with few other structures nearby, and it offers a commanding view of the surrounding area. There is woodland and water in close proximity, both of which should provide ample food supplies for a new falcon family.

First year falcons like Zephyr don’t often don’t produce viable young, but it is possible that the Z-man and this female could end up with a nest of their own this year. There’s no power at the site and it is close to a medical facility where the privacy of the residents is a prime concern, so we’re not yet sure how much photography will be allowed at this site. But we’ll keep watching this new pair, Rochester’s second, and we’ll be sure to bring all the news to you!

14 Responses to “Good News for Mariah’s Progeny”

  1. Helen in MD Says:

    I think the female [in Brighton] is banded. No one has been able to read it tho.

  2. Terri Says:

    How wonderful to have Rhea Mae in Toronto, Quest on the Cape and now Zephyr in Rochester near Mariah. What nice consolations for the “loss” of Kaver this year!

  3. Kathy V Says:

    I am so eggcited about Zephyr and his mate..its good to hear one of them from the last family is nearby and doing good. Thank you so much Linda and Marcia for the update and photo. I’m sooooooo happy.

  4. Kathy V Says:

    Oh yes, Rhea Mae, glad to hear she is doing so well, two eggs, hope they both hatch. Go Rhea Mae.

  5. Gail from Cinci Says:

    That’s great that Z-Man is hanging around Rochester. I’ve been keeping up with Quest as she soars about Cape Cod and the islands – thanks to everyone who provides all the pics and updates! I guess there’s been no word on Kaver? What’s the latest with Mariah?

    Thanks for all your dedication – it’s appreciated by all us remote watchers…

  6. dale Says:

    I have the same info as Helen – that the tiercel first sighted at the psych center was not banded, but the female was; Z’s girl is a banded female, as per photo 20 of 24 in Marcia’s album.

    Thanks, Jess!!

  7. Dede Says:

    What are the “blobs” in the pictures of the new box on this site? I looked at the pictures this morning, hoping for some good news and I saw “stuff” in the box and just outside it. Can anyone explain? I thought they were mice at first.

  8. Kris Says:

    Has the Powers Building been baited? I’m seeing what appears to be little bird carcasses strewn about the scrape.

  9. Donna Says:

    Does anyone know what’s in the nest box?

  10. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Sead birds, laid out to entice falcons to have a meal and make the box their scrape.

  11. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Dead, of course

  12. Kris Says:

    I see on Shaky’s Archive Viewer, they were laid out yesterday afternoon.

  13. Debbie H. Says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful updates! I hope for the best this year also. [comment edited]

  14. Mickie Says:

    Is there anything new with Z-man?

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