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Quest Comfortable On The Coast

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Not much to report for Quest this week. She continued to stay close to the coast of Lake Ontario in a five-mile swath from Port Granby to Port Britain. She appears to be comfortable there, with quite a few location readings near what looks like an industrial plant of some kind that includes a tall smokestack which she’s probably using for a perch (thanks to reader Ei for pointing it out to us!).

We heard from our friend Mark Nash at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, where a Quest sighting was recorded on June 8. Mark writes:

Just received some interesting news from Bill and Elizabeth who spotted a [Peregrine] in Wesleyville yesterday equipped with a satellite transmitter. It must be Quest from Rochester N.Y. I just happen to know something about this wayward Pefa, as I was down in Rochester N.Y. just about this time last year deploying this satellite transmitter on this young peregrine with Mike [Allen] from the New York D.E.C.

No pictures I’m afraid, but it’s good to know that she’s being observed on occasion.

Remember, you can follow Quest’s daily movements at our Quest’s Week map page!

12 Responses to “Quest Comfortable On The Coast”

  1. ei Says:

    One interesting point…if you switch to the satellite view and zoom in on June 20, Quest seems to be on a smokestack. She has a lot of readings right around that area…looks like a manufacturing plant of some type. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  2. Jess Says:

    Right you are, ei! Good catch!

  3. Kathy V Says:

    Glad to hear Quest has been sighted, and is doing well…thanks

  4. Melissa in MA Says:

    Glad to read she continues to do well!

  5. Maureen in MA Says:

    I echo Kathy V’s and Melissa’s sentiments, and greatly appreciate the update!

  6. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Since I cannot comment where the problem is occurring, I am forced to address the Rochester Falconcam Guestbook here. I dutifully signed in, and, although the website knows where I am in Indiana, the “map pin” for my entry appears to be in Louisville, KY, more than 100 miles away. I also was more wordy than the window seems to allow for; my second sentence ends after only 2 words and I cannot find a scrolling option to read the rest.
    It is a lovely idea, a carryover from the old Falconcam Forum of Kodak days, but it seems to need a bit of tweaking.

  7. ei Says:

    @Alison-if you click on view all guests, you get a list version and your whole comment is visible…as for the map, another work in progress, no doubt!

  8. Shaky Says:

    @Alison, slide.com groups nearby points at that large of a scale. if you zoom in far enough, the pins appear in the correct location.

  9. chrissy Says:

    Jess, that industrial plant is a power station built in the ’70s but never put into service. Wesleyville itself is considered a ghost hamlet so looks like Quest has the town to herself! CPF used the power plant for a hackbox release in 2002. The smokestack’s included in the photo gallery of that release. (http://tiny.cc/sYw7n)

  10. ei Says:

    @chrissy-Thank you! I had no idea…looked like a factory to me. Do you know if they left the hackbox? Linn (2007) was hanging around the Scarborough Bell hack box…it would be interesting if that’s what’s keeping her in the neighborhood.

  11. chrissy Says:

    ei, don’t know for sure but don’t they always leave the hack box behind? In any case, the smokestack is so similar to the high falls smokestack it must seem like home sweet home to Quest. Mariah always takes her fledges to the stack(s) on their first flights. Another picture taken July 2008 shows the door at the base open, so it’s quite falcon fledge friendly 🙂

  12. ei Says:

    chrissy, I guess Jess will contact CPF for more details…it does look like a promising site. Now off to read more on the 2002 birds…thanks again!

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