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The Ring of Freedom on Independence Day

Freedom at ADM in 2008 by Doug Garbutt
Freedom in 2008. Photo courtesy of Doug Garbutt
Here in the US we’re celebrating the birth of our nation plus 233 years with picnics, parades and fireworks displays. On this day of freedom we thought we’d take a look back at one of our favorite falcons.

Freedom was the first tiercel hatched from the pairing of Mariah and Kaver back in 2002. In 2005 members of the Kodak Birdcam team visited him at his new home at the Archer Daniels Midland plant in Colborne, Ontario Canada. The following year Freedom had a tiercel of his own, Archer. This year Archer made his way to Rochester, where he’s taken his place as our new resident male. So in a way, things have come full circle.

Freedom at ADM in 2005 by Jim Pisello

So Mariah gave us Freedom, and Freedom gave us Archer. Now you can have a little bit of Freedom at your fingertips! Rochester Falconcam team member Jim Pisello put together this ringtone featuring Freedom’s territorial call. Just save the file on your computer then add it to your phone (if you don’t know how to do that contact your cellular/mobile service provider for assistance).

We’d like to leave you with one of our favorite pictures of Freedom. Back when he was a fledgling one of his fans at Kodak snapped a picture of him on the tower. We think it captures the spirit of Independence Day perfectly.
Freedom at Kodak on July 4 2002

13 Responses to “The Ring of Freedom on Independence Day”

  1. Joan McC Says:

    Imagine – 3 generations of falcons right here in or from Rochester! But – does that present a problem if Mariah and Archer try to mate? In the human world, that’s a no-no, but does that matter in the bird world? Maybe it happens all the time and I’m just not aware of it.

  2. Lisa in CA Says:

    What a lovely profile of Freedom. Thank you.

  3. Melissa in MA Says:

    Wow, that picture of Freedom from 2008 is beautiful!! I think it
    is so special that Archer is Mariah’s grandson and has returned
    to where his mother was born. And thanks for the ring tone!

  4. Debbie P. Says:

    Such a beautiful tiercel; and what a nice tribute for Freedom! We seldom get to see the kids all grown up – thanks so much for adding this to the journal!

  5. barb Says:

    Freedom is a handsome tiercel. Its hard to keep up. Do we still know where he is?

  6. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Archer only has a quarter of Mariah’s genes. So the problems would not be great. Indeed, maybe none of them would be active in a chick, at most only 1/8 would be expressed. Also, intrafamily breeding is probably more common in animals than in humans (tho’ it does happen, we think my great-grands were uncle and niece and the family has successfully spread). I believe there are cases already on record in the Midwest.

  7. Maureen in MA Says:

    In the words of Harry Chapin, ‘All my life is a circle…’ It’s obviously true in the non-human world as well. A great update and pictures – thank you!

  8. Maureen in MA Says:

    Just found this story in my alma mater’s newsletter, thought I’d share – http://www.uml.edu/Media/eNews/Falcon_chicks.html

  9. Kathy V Says:

    That was a great article, thank you. Freedom is a handsome tiercel, indeed.

  10. Kathy Says:

    What a beautiful tiercel. I”m hopeful that he’s out there somewhere and will show up at another nest site nest Spring.

  11. Barbara in WA Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful posting !

  12. chrissy Says:

    Who can forget that photo of Freedom as a fledgeling standing at attention with the Stars and Stripes tucked under his wing. And what a stunner he is as an adult!

  13. Val Galletto Says:

    Haven’t seen any new on Mariah; is she still around?

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