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No Change For Quest

View Quest Travels July 7 – July 16 in a larger map with a legend. Zoom in or out on the map by clicking the small + & – signs. Move it around by clicking your mouse button and dragging the map in the desired direction. Click the falcon icons for more information about each location.

Quest continues her stay on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Her movements indicate a growing familiarity with the area, and unless something changes, it seems like she’ll be staying put for the summer. You keep up with her daily movements at our Quest’s Week map page!

7 Responses to “No Change For Quest”

  1. Kathy V Says:

    thanks for the update…glad shes well.

  2. Melissa in MA Says:

    Good to know she has found an area that she is doing well in.

  3. chrissy Says:

    She seems to be over the local farms a little more. Perhaps varying her diet to include grain eaters? Maybe a farmer will notice her!

  4. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you for the continued updates on Quest and her daily life. I too am very glad to know she is doing well.

  5. Deborah Loudenslager Says:

    Thanks so much for Quest’s update..Maybe she will vacation in the Vineyard and live in Canada! Quite the chic thing to do!

  6. Providence Falcons Says:

    I’m a big fan of this webcam — I hope you will view my photographs of the Providence Falcons and their babies: providencefalcons.com

  7. Barb C Says:

    Thank you for the update and the map. The map is such a good way to check on her daily.

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