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Introducing the Rochester Falconcam Forum!

A few days ago we told you we’d be rolling out a new feature at the Rochester Falconcam. We’re pleased to announce the addition of a Forum to our site! The Rochester Falconcam Forum will allow our fans from all over the world to discuss the latest news about the Rochester falcons as well as to provide the opportunity to participate in a global community like never before. To make it easy to find we’ve added a link to the Forum on the navigation bar at the top of the Falconcam page.

At the Forum you can:

  • Use a variety of CATEGORIES, BOARDS and TOPICS to find just the right place to post your thoughts. Check out the introduction to the forum for more information.
  • Include pictures with built-in thumbnails, attach files to your posts, and use tons of smilies (AKA emoticons)
  • View a summary of previous posts to make it easier to write replies
  • See your posted messages instantly
  • Easily find new discussions that have been posted since your last visit
  • Upload your own picture or Avatar to identify yourself to other posters
  • Use the built-in Chat feature to exchange messages with other Forum members in real time. See other members’ Chat status as soon as you logon.
  • Send private messages to Forum members
  • Build your posting “street cred” by progressing from Egg to Eyas, Juvie, Tiercel and finally to Falcon status!
  • Flag favorite topics so that you can be notified when new posts are added
  • Easily post Forum information on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites
  • And much more!

Join the thousands of Rochester Falconcam fans at the Forum and check it out! Registering takes only a few minutes, and we think you’re going to appreciate how much more convenient it will be to get news and discuss the many topics of interest to our diverse community.

24 Responses to “Introducing the Rochester Falconcam Forum!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    What a treat. Just like old times at Kodak. Except for the registering part. Back then trolls and advertising were not such an issue. Thank-you, Jess and Co.

  2. Dot in PA Says:

    I’m sure the new forum will be wonderful and I’m grateful to those who set it up, but it’s getting awfully time-consuming these days to check on the falcons. First I have to go to the Rfalconcam site to see the nest box camera shots, read Imprints, and read Falconwatch. Then I have to go to the current discussion board site to read the comments there. And now there will be yet another place I need to go to find out what’s going on?? I’m with Janet – sometimes less is more. It would be much easier and faster for me if the information were all in one place, or at least on one website.

  3. ei Says:

    @Dot-I think that is ultimately the idea, just need get there one step at a time.

    Now…off to sign up!

  4. Diane in Upstate NY Says:

    It seems like it might be a nice feature for those who are into that form of computer communication. I personally hope that the features with information and pictures stay -easily- available to those of us who are not quiet that advanced and do not have the time to participate in those chats. It has been wonderful over the years to simply watch and learn about the falcons, when I had time. Thank you for all your hard work!

  5. Kathy V Says:

    My feelings too..Diane..it is a good idea for those who know whats up on the pc.

  6. Sherry B. of Tennessee Says:

    I’m with you, Diane in Upstate NY and Kathy V: Chats and Forums are not my cup of tea. I’m not a social butterfly. I come to RFalconCam to read FalconWatch and Imprints to see what’s going on with my favorite birds and then head on to something that I consider to be “more constructive.” I do hope that this does not mean that Imprints and FalconWatch will no longer be kept up-to-date.

    Please, Jess, say it ain’t so.

  7. Jess Says:

    Okay, It ain’t so.

  8. Alison in Indiana Says:

    What I am thinking is that the Yahoo forum originally started by “mountainwoman” is the one that is going to meld into this on-site one. It will be a boon to us lurkers if that is the case, since the forum presented here is so well organized.

  9. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Lurking at the forum here is not at all time consuming (unless you do that puzzle Aafke made of Mariah, that took me about 14 minutes;-) – the various topics now direct one to the items one is interested in and one can see right away in the right hand column if a recent post has been made. So take a peek, Diane, Dot, KathyV, SherryB.

  10. Amy Says:

    I registerd for the forum on Saturday and I still can’t access it – says my account hasn’t been approved yet. When should I be able to access the forum?

  11. chrissy Says:

    Excellent idea, Shaky!

    The new forum is really very intuitive. Nothing new to learn at all. As an example I usually avoid the “read me first” page as it’s usually about as lengthy and useful as the IRS 1040 form instructions. Shaky’s is two lines long. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  12. Kathy V Says:

    I see a falcon in the main frame site..can’t tell who it is.

  13. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Something has “eaten” the past 6 weeks of Falconwatch posts in the blog.

  14. Maureen in MA Says:

    I noticed that too when I looked for new news this morning. Have those posts been moved to the Forum, perhaps?

  15. Maureen in MA Says:

    The site is also running veryyyyy slowlyyyyy for me…..

  16. Amy Says:

    OK – wonder what happened to the comment I made yesterday!!??

  17. Shaky Says:

    @Alison, @Maureen, the blogs being upgraded and the bugs are still being worked out. You can temporarily find the Falconwatch posts under http://rfalconcam.com/falconwatching

    @Amy, you comment got lost in the shuffle. Please post it again.

    @All, feel free to make use of the forum for commenting on what you see here or anywhere else on the site.

  18. Nancy (nancyindg) Says:

    I attempted to register for the new forum a few days ago and have not had a response. Is there a backlog? Thanks. Nancy

  19. Shaky Says:

    @nancy, I have no record of a nancyindg registering. If you used another name, check your spam and junk email folders for a reply from the forum.

  20. Amy Says:

    Shaky – I registered on Saturday as redmama and still hadn’t had a response – that was the post I made that got lost! i wanted to know if there was a backlog too.

  21. Shaky Says:

    @Amy, we have not received your reply to our questionnaire. Check your spam/junk email folders for an email from the forum.

  22. Susan Says:

    I’ve been keeping up with both Falcon Watch and Imprints. Now there’s another site to keep up with as well? Couldn’t all this be put in one place? It’s getting pretty complicated.

  23. Amy Says:

    Shaky – I did and never recieved it – can it be resent?

  24. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Susan, I agree it is getting too complicated. At first Imprints was the only place, then FalconWatch was added. Now there is a Forum with several topics and Twitter.
    It could be that the original intent was to have different levels of informers – the Imprints were the official announcements and the FalconWatch was from the woman on the street (or man, but it is mostly Carol P with some additions – Carla P, for example). Since the informal and formal stuff is now here in a forum, most additional information is landing in the forum (as was previously the case, just that for the past years the forum has been on a different site and folks who only looked at rfalconcam rarely knew what was going on).
    Because the amount of detailed information and description that can be packed into 140 characters is negligible, I am not inclined to make that my primary source of news – to me, it is more like a fashion statement by the folks in charge, who like that kind of stuff. Fortunately, these short messages show up on the Forum in their own thread, so one need not subscribe.
    I imagine that over time, FalconWatch reports will disappear entirely (as they did last week inadvertantly) and one will have to check the Forum for messages from “Today” in the Topics that interest one. That would be the “one place”. Imprints, as official pronouncements page, will probably remain.

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