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Fledge watch 8-19-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Today was a carbon copy of yesterday with a starting temp of 59 (F)  15 (C) with calm sun-sational conditions.

Ginny and I started our watch at 6am and found Beauty on HSBC at the southeast corner. She flew off 15 minutes later and circled above Xerox several times before vanishing behind it. We found her 5 minutes later on the top arm west side of the jail tower.

img_0002-beauty img_0008-beauty2

Ginny wanted to go look for juvies so we did but didn’t find any and ended up at the pedestrian bridge at High Falls at 7:10am. Larry was there but leaving to go to work and said that Dan had just left. There were no juvies in the area but our gorge Osprey flew in and landed on the Falcon Sucking Tree (FST). It appeared to have a full crop.


We left and went over to the Brighton site but Pigott was not at home either.  We returned to downtown and found Voyager, who seems to be the only juvie in town, on the lower roof ledge of Widows Walk  north side. She had food and judging by the color (no red) I’d say it was cached food.

img_0019-voyager-with-food-in-her-beak img_0020-voyager-with-a-mouthful img_0023-voyager1

She finished the meager amount in a few minutes then she flew off circling back around and landed on the southwest corner of Widows Walk below the railing.

img_0026-voyager-going-down-the-runway img_0033-voyager-gives-a-look-my-way-as-she-flies-off

Miss Voyager stayed but a minute then flew north right over our heads and we weren’t able to find her again. After a lengthy search of downtown with no PEFA sightings I took Ginny to Charlotte Pier to check out  Lake Ontario. She was amazed that it was a lake saying it looked like the Atlantic Ocean. We walked out to the end of it and saw lots on the way.

img_0035-charlotte-pier img_0039-charlotte-looking-good img_0044-shore-birds img_0048-hi-guys img_0043-thats-a-lot-of-gulls

We cruised back to downtown afterwards and found Beauty and Voyager on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). Beauty was hidden well and a fully cropped Voyager kept moving around in the middle of the structure.

img_0052-find-the-falcon<Find Beauty img_0049-food-coma-for-sure<Voyager in a food coma lol

They were napping so I took Ginny to Wild Wings where we checked out all their beautiful birds of prey and we took a walk down the trail to feed the Chickadees out of our hands. That’s always a treat! We also checked Irondequoit Bay -nothing but gulls and ducks seen there.

We made our way back out for an evening watch around 6pm. We found Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) on the Kodak Office playpen. The Beautyful one was at the southeast corner and DC was at the north east corner. DC flew off when we weren’t looking.

img_0002-beauty1 img_0011-dc img_0014-bdc

We ran into KathyO by FCT and chatted for a bit and then we left to check for Pigott. We didn’t find her or any other falcons for the remainder of our watch. We had a great day with lots of laughs which makes for big old smiles! :)

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2 Responses to “Fledge watch 8-19-13”

  1. Donna Says:

    The 1st video is a killer!! I laughed so hard!! Good one Voyager!! LOL

  2. MAK Says:

    Yeah Donna, I didn’t laugh too hard until you played it 29 times in a row on skype for me! LOL :D

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