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Fledge watch 8-20-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood with a touch of humidity and a starting temperature of 59 (F) 15 (C) for the 3rd day in a row.

Ginny and I didn’t find a falcon until 6:30am when I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury as she prepared a meal we saw feathers a flying.

img_0001-feathers-a-flying img_0004-beauty-with-her-breakfast img_0009-beauty

Beauty stopped eating half hour later and flew off the north side with her food and we next found her on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) platform east side.After she pooped she started to eat.

img_0026-beauty img_0028-poop-shot img_0038-beauty-has-a-bite img_0041-beauty

DebbieH stopped by on her way to work to meet Ginny. After she left we heard whining and Ginny saw a falcon fly behind the large dish. We went over to the City Hall parking lot to see that it was Dot.Ca (DC) and he was eating.

img_0048-dc1 img_0049-dc

Beauty had gone over to west side under platform.

img_0062-beauty img_0064-let-me-see-any-tidbits-left-in-those-talons img_0065-beauty

At the time we thought Beauty was a juvie and DC was Beauty so my tweets are totally off from this time period.

img_0071-beauty-and-dc< Click it img_0082-dc<DC img_0089-beauty<Beauty

We left them to nap and checked Brighton but Pigott wasn’t home, so we returned to find the Beautyful one and the handsome one still napping in their same spots. Ginny wanted to go to High Falls so we did a search around town on our way there but found no juvies anywhere including the gorge. A few minutes later the Osprey flew in and landed in the Falcon Sucking Tree.


Ginny and I ended our watch around noon and went back out this evening at 6:30pm. We found Beauty on the southeast cube and DC was right below her on the top support beam for the large satellite dish on FCT.

img_0024-beauty7 img_0024-dc9

DC flew off and back to land on the platform railing northeast corner.¬† KathyO joined us as we were in the City Hall parking lot followed by CarolP. Suddenly Kathy yelled there’s a falcon on the KO launchpad so we all thought juvie and raced over there to find an adult. We were like-then that must be a juvie instead of Beauty back on the FCT cube. The adult which looked small to me must have been a tiercel because it flew off headed straight for FCT.

img_0024-hmm-1 KO bird

We all jumped in our cars and went back to FCT to find DC was gone but the cube bird was still there. Shaky and Carrie were there when we arrived. We all then went over to the Hochstein parking lot to get a front view of the falcon. Carol got out the scope and said she saw the red band on the right leg telling us that it was Voyager. Larry came by with Harold as every one of us looked at that bird and didn’t notice that it was not a juvie. It wasn’t until I downloaded my pics on my computer for tonights report that I could clearly see that it was Beauty.

img_0036-beauty img_0039-beauty img_0024-hmm-3

So unfortunately we had no juvie sightings today and hopefully DC chased the unknown falcon out of the territory without incident. We all packed it in after Beauty flew southeast  around 8:30pm as it was getting dark out. One thing that made me smile today was Beauty and DC hanging out with each other so much! :)

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4 Responses to “Fledge watch 8-20-13”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    Isn’t that what happens? The kids leave the nest and the adults have more time for each other.Have they? Left the nest ? Or are they just “out for the day”? Just asking…

  2. MAK Says:

    June, the kids may be gone on their life journey. Rosetta and Baron haven’t been seen since Friday evening 8-16-13 and Voyager hasn’t been seen since Monday 8-19-13. :)

  3. Ginny Says:

    That was so funny that all along I kept saying V looks just like her mom and lol it was her mom! :-)

  4. June Kogut Says:

    It’s been a really good year ,hasn’t it..I’ve really enjoyed it. The microcosm (If that’s the right word) of family life is both sweet and quick..What good parents they are Wishing good thing for the kids and hoping we hear from them again soon.

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