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Fledge watch 8-21-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

At 63 (F) 17 (C) it  was calm,clear and warm with a blue moon as I stepped out the house for my watch.

img_0001-blue-moon-to-start-my-day Doesn’t look blue to me

Fellow falcon watcher, forum member and friend Ginny from New Jersey was to catch her train back home this morning at 9am. We went on a watch until I took her to the train station. We found Beauty on HSBC southeast corner as we approached from Court St.-as we pulled over on Chestnut St. to watch her she flew off to the northwest. We couldn’t find her or any other falcons around downtown so we went to Brighton and had the same results, Pigott wasn’t around either.Returning downtown we joined Larry and Harold at the High Falls. The Osprey was in the Falcon Sucking Tree (FST) with no PEFAs in sight.

img_0003-osprey img_0005-larryharold-and-ginny Click my pics for full version

Larry left around the same time the Osprey flew off to the north side of the bridge landing in the island tree. A  few minutes after he left  the Osprey dove completely under water and came back up with a fish. A Great Blue Heron flew right over and tried to steal the catch of the day but the Osprey got away and flew to the High Falls side landing on driftwood on the floor of the gorge.

img_0008-osprey img_0009-take-off-to-catch-a-fish img_0016-osprey

10 minutes later Ginny spotted a falcon on the Kodak Office launchpad northeast corner so we left and drove around to State St. to ID it. It was Dot.Ca (DC). He stooped off to the northwest out of sight after half hour.

img_0029-dc img_0041-dc1 img_0044-dc-takes-off

We left there and checked out the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). Parked on Church St. facing east I found Beauty on a north side beam in the middle of the bottom red section with food.

img_0052-beauty img_0047-beauty

It was 8:30am and time to go to the train station-Ginny was thrilled that Beauty showed up before she had to leave. I returned to FCT a little after 9am and Beauty was still there and eating.

img_0074-beauty img_0103-beauty img_0127-talk-about-a-foot-in-your-mouth img_0143-beauty

A man by the name of James stopped and spoke to me about our falcons. As he shook my hand and left he winked at me and said by the way my nickname is Birdy! How cool is that!? Anyway, Beauty ate her fill and remained perched on that beam very alert and very Beautyful as she kept an eye on the area. She walked to the east end of the beam and flew off to the east around 10:30am.

img_0145-beautyful img_0150-im-the-proud-mama-of-3 <Click it img_0157-im-all-shook-up img_0166-see-ya

She met up with a smaller falcon (DC?) and touched talons with it above the river and then they flew together in and out of view near the Andrews Place  Apartments before breaking it off. Beauty flew  back to FCT going to the middle of the metal work under the platform.

img_0172-beauty img_0175-beauty img_0176-beauty

It was getting warm out and it was obvious Beauty was all comfy and ready to have a snooze so I left her, took a look around downtown with no PEFA sightings and ended my watch at 11:15am. I shared space with Beauty for a good amount of time this morning which placed a smile on this watchers face! :)

Click on the links below to see my photo album and some videos



3 Responses to “Fledge watch 8-21-13”

  1. Donna Says:

    Is your blinker on in all the videos?? LOL

  2. Ginny Says:

    I love the pictures, especially the one of Beauty with her gorgeous wings spread.
    The videos are great. I was so happy to see the Osprey, DC and Beauty before I left.
    THANK YOU! :-)

  3. MAK Says:

    No Donna,the Osprey videos don’t have it in them! lol

    You’re welcome Ginny it was great fun having you for a house guest. :)

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