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Morning watch 6-18-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was a pretty uneventful watch with the Beautyful one this morning. She was in the nestbox when I left home and still there when I arrived downtown. I watched her from the Broad St. bridge for about 15 minutes when she flew off to the north. I waited a few minutes for her return and then drove over to FCT where I found her on the platform eating something. It must have been cached food for she only spent a few minutes eating and there were no feathers flying as when it’s a fresh kill they have to prepare it.

morning-watch-6-18-11-004-b morning-watch-6-18-11-008-b

When she was done she went up to the railing briefly and took off to the northeast.

morning-watch-6-18-11-011-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-18-11-016-b morning-watch-6-18-11-017-b

It was nearly 45 minutes later when I found her again but while I was looking I got pics of the cleanup crew on the Broad St. bridge. While parked on the Court St. bridge I observed them lifting the logs out of the river with a crane. Saw some ducks down on the rocks too.

morning-watch-6-18-11-023-crane-on-broad-st-bridge morning-watch-6-18-11-033-clean-it-upmorning-watch-6-18-11-030-d

I left the river view and found Beauty over on the 2nd arm of the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-18-11-042-beauty morning-watch-6-18-11-043-b morning-watch-6-18-11-044-b2

This is where I left Beauty ending my watch. I am going to Buffalo today with Joyce and Brian for a fledge watch and I had to get home, put my report together and get ready to shuffle off to Buffalo! Keep your eyes to the sky people! :)

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