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Buffalo fledge watch pics and morning watch 6-19-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I’m afraid this mornings watch was a bit of a bust. As I approached the Broad St. bridge I saw a falcon on the heel of Mercury but it flew off just as I passed thru the intersection. I thought it was Beauty but it could have been Archer because Donna informed me that he was at the nestbox around that same time. Nobody was on cam in the nestbox when I left this morning. I parked on the bridge and saw Beauty over on OCSR 2nd ibeam west corner.


She didn’t stay there for long heading over to the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-19-11-005-b morning-watch-6-19-11-006-b-lost-her-head morning-watch-6-19-11-007-b

The Beautyful one left after about 10 minutes and I was unable to locate her again before ending my watch.

I had a terrific time yesterday in Buffalo with Joyce and Brian on our fledge watch. It was the first time I’d ever seen more than 2 juvies at one time. It truly was a wonderful experience that left me hungry for more. We began at the University of Buffalo where we saw BB in the nestbox and Yankee over on the VA hospital with 2 or 3 juvies. Next we went to the Statler building downtown where we saw all three juvies. 2 had fledged and the other one was perched at the nestbox that wasn’t quite ready yet. We pushed forward to Central Terminal(my favorite spot) where all four juvies are in the nestbox and won’t be ready to fledge for about another week. It sure was crowded up there! Stella and Stash were both on site flying and bringing in food for their noisy bunch. Sage and Roger stopped by to see us before we left to make our last call back at UB. We managed to see all theĀ  juvies over on the VA hospital with dad Yankee watching over them. To conclude this report at each site all juvies and parents were accounted for and safe. A good day for this falcon watcher! :)

Here’s the link for my Buffalo photo album:


Here’s the link to a short video of the 4 juvies at Central Terminal:


One Response to “Buffalo fledge watch pics and morning watch 6-19-11”

  1. Ginny Says:

    What great photos MAK and sounds like a great day!!! :-)

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