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Morning watch 6-20-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

When I arrived downtown this morning as soon as I could see the Wilder building coming down Broad St. I spotted Archer . He was on one of his favorite perches, the top of the fire escape ladder. I took these 2 pics at the intersection of Broad and Exchange streets while stopped for a red light. Good thing cuz he flew off heading north as the light changed.

morning-watch-6-20-11-002-archer morning-watch-6-20-11-001-archer-first-pic-of-the-day

I figured he was going over to Kodak Park to be with Unity. That would be the one and only time I saw Archer on my watch about 30 seconds worth. 10 minutes passed  before I found Beauty. I spotted her way up on the northwest corner of the Crossroads building as I was driving down State St. southbound toward Times Square. As per usual she had her back to me.

morning-watch-6-20-11-003-b-on-crossroads-building morning-watch-6-20-11-006-b-crop

I took the pic and went to another location to get the front shot so I could be sure it was the Beautyful one. She didn’t stay there for long and it was a few minutes later that I spotted her on the south ledge of the Times Square building. The one directly across from the nestbox where Jemison made his first flight.


Beauty was there only long enough for me to click off one shot of her and then she went over to the jail tower landing on the second arm on the east side.

morning-watch-6-20-11-008-b-jail-tower morning-watch-6-20-11-013-b-preening morning-watch-6-20-11-015-beauty

She perched there and preened herself for  20 minutes or so and off she went to the north. She loves to play cat and mouse with me lately.  I found her over on the Frontier Communications tower on the platform eating a small morsel of cached food. She made short work of it then flew up to the platform railing on the west side.

morning-watch-6-20-11-018-b-on-fct morning-watch-6-20-11-022-b

I parked on N.Plymouth Ave. right across the street from the Frontier building that holds the communications tower. The sun was in the wrong place so the pics are basically silhouettes.I watched a security guard come out of Frontier and take off his security jacket, so I figured he was getting off his shift. His car was parked across from me and he walked over to ask if I was watching the hawks. I told him they were Peregrine falcons and some facts about M&K and Kodak and Beauty and Archer. He said his father tried finding the website with no luck so I gave him one of the business cards Joyce gave me to hand out with the pertinent information on it and showed him a pic of Beauty on my camera. He seemed quite pleased,thanked me and left. I love telling people about our Rochester falcons. Anyway, Beauty flew off as I was getting ready to end my watch. 🙂


For a few more pics go to this link:


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