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Morning Fledge Watch 7-26-15

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The morning started out overcast, humid and very dark with a temperature of 68 (F) 20 (C)

My first check at Seneca Towers from the 16th floor west balcony bagged me a falcon on the south ledge of the bridge whining. I waited a bit to see if I’d get any action from it or another but no luck. Before going to my car I checked in with the security guard to inquire about the raccoon from yesterday that had a jar stuck on its head-unfortunately,they never found it again. :( Out to the north end of the building where Seth was perched on his top window ledge.


He seemed pretty settled in so I drove out to Seth Green Dr. after a few minutes and from there I spotted Billie on the south end top window ledge. She started out facing me but soon turned around showing me her back. At about 6:30am Buffalo Billie flew east and didn’t return. A juvie circled the building a few times whining then headed northeast out of view. I checked the north end again to find that Seth was gone so I headed for downtown.


Upon arriving on the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) I could see Dot.ca (DC) on the top I beam west corner of OCSR-I drove down to State St. for a closer view as I had thought it was Beauty at first. I went to the hole for an even closer look, then took a trip around town having no luck finding a PEFA.



I checked out the High Falls gorge as well and came up empty there too but I did see a Great Blue Heron land on the gorge floor and a doe laying down on the island.


Around 8am I found the Beautyful one on the RGS antenna after seeing that DC was still on OCSR.


I went from Elm St. near Clinton Ave. to Elm and Chestnut St. for a different angle but the lighting was just awful this morning. There was a pigeon up on the Hotel Cadillac right in line with Beauty-brave one!


I left Beauty after a spell and checked downtown on my way out-no juvies seen downtown this morning and DC was gone from OCSR. When I arrived back home at Seneca Towers I spotted both juvies on the west side from Seth Green Dr. Sellie was on the railing near the northwest corner and Bith was below the railing down near the balconies.


After a while Bith took a stroll toward the north end then flew off and joined his brother around 9:10am.


There was some conversation going on between the two as they were facing each other.


It was time for me to end my watch at 9:30am - I saw all 4 Seneca Towers falcons and both downtown adults. The only way to make me smile more would have been to see Cadence and Genesee too! :)

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