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A Wednesday Evening Watch - 12/26/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST

By Rochester Falcon (Flake) Watcher Carol P.

On this day after Christmas, Rochester and the rest of Western New York is under a Winter Storm Warning.  Heavy snow and high winds are expected to hit the area overnight and tomorrow.  They are reporting that we may get over a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon.  Of course this kind of weather is not unexpected.  It is Rochester and it is winter after all.  We Rochesterians are sturdy folk when it comes to winter weather.  The Rochester Falcon Watchers aka Falcon Flakes love this weather!  lol :-)

That being said, I wanted to make sure I got downtown to check on Miss Beauty.  She had been seen earlier and so had Pigott and BST.  So due to the limited daylight, I decided to find Beauty tonight.

Tweets from me and other Rochester Falcon Watchers that do not report:

2:30 pm - Lisa McK - “At BS, both falcons on south side, perched on upper windows only 3 windows separating them.”

3:29 pm - Brian H - “Brrr Dude wandered around downtown.  I think I had B on Alliance Bldg.  It’s getting windy & chilly outside.  Enjoy the snow!”

4:30 pm - Carol P - “DT. I have searched the DT area for about a half hr and had no luck finding her. Brian saw her on the Alliance bldg just before I arrived.”

4:50 pm - Shaky on RfalconcamNow - Beauty is on Mercury’s money bag.” - as seen from Camera #1

5:00 pm - Carol P - “DT. I have been staring up into the OCSR elevator shaft and I cannot tell if she is there or not. Time to go.”

5:00 pm - Carol P - “DT. And there she is on Mercury as the snow starts to fall!”

5:01 pm - Carol P - “And up into the elevator shaft. Night Beauty!”


I arrived downtown a little before 4:00 pm.  After reading Brian’s text, I contacted him to find out exactly where the Alliance bldg was.  It’s on Main St on the corner of Stone.  My first stop was the Andrews St Bridge, nothing seen from there.  Then I went over to Main St and drove past the Alliance bldg.  Due to traffic, it was hard to get a good look, but after passing it a few times, I can be fairly certain Beauty was not up there.  Next stop the Broad St Bridge, after checking the east side.  Nothing on the Times Square Bldg, or the jail comm tower or the OCSR or the Mercury statue or the Frontier comm tower or the Hyatt.  I decided to go over to the OCSR area to check up inside the elevator shaft.  Nope, not there either.  Where could she be?

From my parking spot near the Raddison, I had a good view inside the elevator shaft.  I was bound and determined to see her before I left.  At the same time I was leaving my text that I was getting ready to leave  (I am a very slow texter, lol), Shaky was tweeting that Beauty had landed on Mercury’s money bag.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw that, yes, Beauty was there!  I took a couple pics and she took off and I had a great view of her swooping up into the OCSR elevator shaft, landing on the south ledge!  She had gone into her protected roost just as it started to snow.

Beauty on Mercury - 12/26/12Beauty in her nighttime roost, the OCSR elevator shaft, south ledge - 12/26/12*





I just looked outside and the snow is coming down fast and furious! Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of snow to dig out from tomorrow morning!  Be careful out there everyone.  Be safe!

I’ll leave you with a few pics I took while I was out Falcon Watching and another picture of a neighborhood house all decorated for Christmas.  :-)

The Liberty Pole, downtown Rochester - 12/26/12Looking north down the Genesee River, dark clouds over Lake Ontario - 12/26/12Now that's a lot of Christmas lights!  12/26/12

2 Responses to “A Wednesday Evening Watch - 12/26/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST”

  1. Lori F Says:

    Great pics. Thank you!

  2. Carol Says:

    Thanks Lori!

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