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 on: 17-Mar-19, 09:10:36 AM 
Started by Shaky - Last post by Yarak

WanderingFalcon (Carol P.): BS. No Falcons found.


 on: 16-Mar-19, 11:07:27 PM 
Started by Carol P. - Last post by Dumpsterkitty

 on: 16-Mar-19, 09:56:45 PM 
Started by carly - Last post by carly
Update on Cadence from Betty Ann Kelly:

I called to check up on our injured, female falcon BA/91...remember her? Alyssa at the Raptor Trust tells me that the vet checked on BA/91 and found that a callus is forming where the wing was broken (the metacarpal) so they kept the wing unwrapped while she continues to heal in an outdoor cage that will limit her movement.

ps:  She also added in response to someone who said the way she understands it is the callus is a good thing as it is new bone?

Betty Ann:  Yes, the callus means the bone is healing.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 11:30:41 AM 
Started by nwfloridafalconfan - Last post by Shaky
No emails received from since the evening of Mar 12th.  Is there an outage or has something changed?

Yahoo had disabled mail to the account. It should be fixed now.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 11:22:27 AM 
Started by nwfloridafalconfan - Last post by Shaky
Trying again.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 10:59:04 AM 
Started by nwfloridafalconfan - Last post by Shaky
Seeing if this shows up on kfalconcam.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 09:47:34 AM 
Started by BaerbelW - Last post by Shaky
Very nice setup!

Thanks, Shaky!

I wasn't involved with the technical setup but we luckily have a member in our conservation group who has the relevant know-how and prepared everything. We have a page about the setup (in German) and Google-translate does a reasonable job at translating it, but loses all the pictures in the result.


I like that little Green Backyard  HD Bird Camera Kit. I might get 2 of them to replace Cameras 2 and 3 if I can figure out a better mounting system. (The included mounts have 2 degrees of freedom. We need 3 because our roof is slanted.)

Their setup is similar to our 2 setups in Powers and TSB. Powers has an NVR and a POE switch driving the IP HD Cameras. TSB has a wireless Internet antenna system and POE+ for the HD PTZ dome Camera (Main). I will be installing an NVR at TSB in a few weeks. Both Powers and TSB have 3 servers each streaming video (2 live and one backup) to YouTube, which is the streaming provider for the Rfalconcam website.

What really stands out for me at Fellbach is the precision engineered nest box mounting system. It's beautiful!

 on: 16-Mar-19, 09:08:57 AM 
Started by nwfloridafalconfan - Last post by Shaky
I'll look into it.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 07:45:36 AM 
Started by Carol P. - Last post by Annette
Beauty in nestbox TS.

DC in nestbox.

 on: 16-Mar-19, 07:43:11 AM 
Started by Annette - Last post by Annette

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