New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Rfalconcam


Join us tonight at 10 PM ET on streaming video Channels 1 and 2 to watch the fireworks over downtown Rochester from a bird’s eye view!

We’ll be meeting again later at the Forum Chat & Ustream Social Stream to ring in the New Year together!

And let’s not forget the Watcher’s Toast New Year’s Day at 1 PM!

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

3 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Rfalconcam”

  1. Alison says:

    Dang, missed it (partly because I did not know about it, having checked the blog too early in the day, but also because I turned in at 9:30 and only got up briefly to see the ball drop over the NYC Times Square). But, thanks to Shaky’s archive, I can see it today. :-)

  2. Alison says:

    OH, dear. I cannot go back and see the fireworks. I try to work backwards from 12:01 am and the program stops me with the message that Dec. 31 is a time after the current time rather than yesterday! It is all fixed on 2013 :-(

  3. Shaky says:

    I should have posted the announcement sooner, but I was on vacation.

    The archive viewer supports only the current year. The highlights of the fireworks are posted on our Forum and on Facebook (link at bottom of page). Video of the fireworks is on YouTube.